To Create Change

Is this a fairly representative spectrum or am I missing out some parts?

To create change we need to simultaneously sync up

* Analysis of current policies n their implementation

*Clear advocacy asks of what lawa or policies we would like to change

* Dialogues with all players including political establishment, beaurucracy, corporates, ngos, movements and citizens

* Having a sectoral position that is collectively arrived at (and represented in the dialogues)

* Stories of successful projects n initiatives which establish the case for the ask (lot of creative projects n existing solutions would fall here)

* The occassionally push that gets created by on ground campaigns, the soul force coming from personal practices and the co dreaming that happens in events

All of this grounded in an ideological frame (for me that would be centre)

In the right season (when the time is right) and with an igniting event or occassion, all these can emerge together in action to make systemic shifts….in off season we keep doing our work invisibly…

As BRM one of the things we’d like to be is the connecting tissue across these (and maybe present a lil bit in each)


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