On Farming, Farmers and Famine

[This post is in the nature of a ‘narrow-cast’ (rather than a broadcast) i.e. I will not be engaging with discussions in comments section AT ALL — simply because that is not something I am seeking from this post]

I propose increasing prices of food-grains in a way that a farmer earns between 3–10 times what he or she currently is.

We justify “entrepreneurial risk premium” to explain the financial fat that accumulates in some parts of our economy.

However with farmers, there is a risk premium for facing nature every year — being vulnerable to atleast some weather conditions.

Moroever with markets that are innately against storage, ripe for middle-men and with almost no bargaining power, farmers are being taken for a ride.

Statistics of suicide, migration to cities and accumulating riches with non-farmers are the evidence I have for this. Similarly the employment numbers are moving out of farming.

If taxation is generally accepted and taken in-spirit when we see the money being used well, maybe this can be seen as an extension of the “Krishi Kalyan Cess”, though directed through the market.

Since I don’t believe in force or the use of government to exercise force, perhaps WE will have to identify, farmers and villages where this starts happening (through a Rural-Urban link)

I think there’s a way out and I am sure it begins with us re-establishing our relationship with food.



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Abhishek Thakore

Abhishek Thakore

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