The Weakest Pillar

The weakest pillar of Indian democracy is not the judiciary, legislature or the press.

It is the citizens.

We have systematically grown weaker in our ability to get our needs met from the government. We have continued paying taxes from our hard earned money.

We’ve been working so hard that we’ve not had time or energy to even keep a watch on our governments.

Reduced to consumers and shareholders, we have no moral ground on which to raise questions about development and destruction of nature.

Since we don’t fund free press or political parties, that void has been happily filled by lobbies that exercise influence.

Over time then we keep getting swayed like leaves in the changing winds. We keep drifting issue to issue like excited children without ever staying on the hard questions.

We feel satisfied by small actions and avoid confronting power.

Meanwhile, political parties keep on growing more powerful and less accountable.

With anonymous money (including from outside India) and some of the best companies helping their PR, they are essentially election-winning machines rather than representing people in a real sense.

We must not forget that eventually each of us is a citizen. Whether we are in government jobs, political parties or working for corporations — we are Indians, we are citizens of the world.

The responsibility of creating a strong civil society (in the non-political space) belongs to each of us.

This 2019, let’s step up the game in how we organise ourselves, raise questions and hold the administration accountable.

Together, we’re stronger!


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