Together, we are stronger!

Cartoonist: Shankar; Source: Pinterest

What if each one of us takes up one problem to solve — only one problem? It need not belong to anyone else — it could be something you and several others face — on a day to day basis.

You need to understand this issue fully — why is it so persistent, what are the dynamics behind it and which is the most systemic way to solve it. You need to collect others who face a similar issue and get down to solving it.

It doesn’t need time — there is no hurry, it can be an hour a week every Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t need exceptional intelligence or expertise either — there are enough resources out there. It doesn’t even need to many people.

What it needs is one determined person willing to solve that one problem. And if EACH of us takes up that one social problem and solves it, however long it takes, it will start a movement.

A movement of ordinary people who lead, become heroes. The creation of communities to solve these issues, the collective knowledge around problem solving and the culture of citizens taking up issues in their own hands will create a beautiful world in itself, irrespective of solutions being found.

And I am sure eventually, we will start to run out of problems :)

So my request to each of you reading this, anywhere in the world is this — put your skin in the game. Take the leap of faith and try. Put aside your reasons and excuses. Take others along and share your stories.

It won’t work if only one of us does something, or just a few. It will need lots — which perhaps is Universe’s way of reminding us that all alone, we are quite small compared to the problems we face.

But together, we can do wonders! Together, we are stronger :)



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