Wanted : Constructive Politics

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While every party rushes to prove the other wrong, makes fun of it, clings on to every line said by leaders and thrashes it — we are missing a few very important principles.

For example, there is very little respect for anything right said by another party — as if everything the other says is false and everything we say is true.

The entire conversation is centred around who is corrupt (as compared to celebrating the honest and effective politicians across party lines)

There is stubborn refusal to acknowledge past mistakes — not apologising just like kids don’t say ‘sorry’. Even if it was not done by them, they were somewhere responsible.

There is SO MUCH ‘anti’ in the discourse that we are mostly against someone / something, and for some very basic obvious things (development, empowerment, equality, transparency)

Beneath this simplistic and black & white politics is the assumption that the people are naive. They will not understand the nuances of arguments, they will not respect those who acknowledge anything good about their opposition and they will treat admitting a mistake as the ultimate crime….

And yet a few months from now, some 15–20% our citizens will power in a government which will HAVE to work together with the very same people they are fighting so bitterly against.

Where are face to face debates? Where are the unique manifestoes? Where are the previous vision documents which are laced with unfulfilled promises?

Maybe we haven’t known any other way (or forgotten real statesmen and parliamentarians) but more than anything else it is a sad commentary on our maturity as a nation



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