Shaping Reditus : Key Advisory Team

We have previously introduced our core team members in Reditus and shared how each of their expertise and experience assisted in shaping every aspect of Reditus.

Today, we would like to highlight more advisors on the Reditus team.

Cheul Park — Tokenomics and Ecosystem

Cheul Park is part of the Reditus team as a primary advisor. He was the Former Vice-governor of the Bank of Korea and in a super elite class in Korea’s financial expert group. His expertise and insights have contributed greatly to the construction of the tokenomics and Reditus ecosystem.

Charles H.C. Suh — NPL investments and asset management licensee

Being familiar with NPL investments within the real estate market, and having the license required for the operation of the business has made Charles a crucial advisor of Reditus. Furthermore, he serves as a member of Investment

Committee of KTB PE and also a member of Alternative Investment Committee of the National Forest Federation Fund.

Charles’ expertise in buyout private equity funds and alternative investment proved to be another set of experience essential to the process of making Reditus compliant and ready for the masses.

Lance Joung Won Park — Fundraising and tokenomics

As the former CEO and Executive Vice President of Pacific Bio, he has successfully raised US$40 million for a financially distressed company and led successful turnaround of the bio-fuel business. He was also from Lehman Brothers as an associate candidate, Corporate Finance Group, Investment Banking.

Notable projects during his time there are:
Korean Air’s US$2.3 billion acquisition of a ~30% stake in S-Oil, Advisory for

Pantech Group’s financial restructuring, US$235 million principal investment into Daewoo E&C shares, Advisory for KT&G’s management in connection with a proxy contest led by Steel Partners and Icahn. Partners, E.Land Group’s attempted refinancing of US$100 million senior unsecured credit facility.

Lance’s experience in fundraising and handling investment projects is crucial to Reditus. His insights have also contributed greatly to the design of Reditus’ tokenomics.

Seukhoon Pi — VC Funding and Business Strategy

With recent years of venture capitalist experience, Seukhoon has been analysing companies within different industries from IT to O2O. His insights and perspectives on finding the right businesses for good investments are extremely valuable to the Reditus team. Prior to this, Seukhoon has also been in charge of strategic planning and business development at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea.

With this group of experienced advisors assisting Gilmo and the team, Reditus is on the right track to scaling up and becoming one of the best blockchain projects out there.

Join us in taking part in a renewed way to benefit from NPLs today.

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