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Roman Hotsiy
Apr 26, 2018 · 3 min read

ReDoc = Rebilly Documentation

As you probably know ReDoc was developed by Rebilly which is a payment/subscription company. Their main product is an API and it has a lot of endpoints and advanced payloads. They struggled to keep their docs up to date and that’s why they adopted OpenAPI (Swagger back then). Their API definition ended up using lots of advanced features from OpenAPI spec which were not supported by open-source or commercial documentation engines. So the idea of ReDoc as an engine for Rebilly Documentation was born.

ReDoc = Reinventing Documentation

ReDoc prototype proved that we can generate OpenAPI-powered documentation without introducing any vendor-specific extensions. It was generic enough to open-source it. = democratizing API documentation portals

In the last year, I’ve received dozens of emails from different companies asking for customizations, some of which are beyond ReDoc as an open-source project and other are not possible to implement inside ReDoc as a single-page widget.

  • fully-customizable — can customize parts of the site, whole pages, or even use custom widgets inside markdown
  • no vendor lock-in — open-source with commercial license, with your content housed in your preferred source control.
  • rewrote ReDoc in React as a base for the future product
  • built a prototype and tested it out internally

API documentation you can be proud of

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