10 Characteristics of a Good Website

Shehan Malik
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6 min readAug 14, 2020
1100 characteristics of a good website

There are some general features that would make your website efficient and stand out from others. Certain features are for the efficiency of the owner while the others are functional features which would make the use experience pleasant.


Whatever your site does, it is extremely important to meet your user expectations. This might be tougher than what you think as you have a clear picture of your website.

But think from the point of view of a user who just made his/her first visit to your website.

How to create an intuitive website? Understand and identify your users. What do they expect by vising your site? Via this information you will be able to build a sales funnel to generate leads and make conversions.

Refer below to know more about the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Stages

Make it easy for the users to achieve what they expect from your website. Understand this funnel and implement the procedure to your website.

This is a tested and proven technique by many successful websites.

Always remember that all visitors to your website will not have the same intention. Hence your website should cater to all of them. Simply the people who need to buy your product or sign up to your service should be able to do so while them who want to learn and analyze more before purchasing should be able to get their need done.

Did you know that the intuitive websites focusing on “user intent” are said to improve conversions by 200%.


You could use multiple strategies including social media marketing, email marketing and influencer marketing to get more visitors to your website. But, organic search traffic is considered to provide the traffic with highest value.

SEO is a huge topic itself which talks about web design, performance of the servers, content, keywords and blogs and etc.

If you do not have a site for your business select a trusted and a leading web site builder to do it for you as they will take care of your SEO.

Check out, Redot portfolio here.


If you already have a website you could purchase software which would teach you everything you need to know about SEO. SEMRush might be the tool you are looking for.


Internet is full of different people with different abilities and different motives. It is essential to make your site accessible and easy to use for all of them.

Do not make it too complicated by trying to be too technical, as it could damage your business at the end of the day.

Checkout Page

This is an extremely important tip for the eCommerce websites as you could often lose a sale at the checkout if it is too complicated.


You can never say “it has everything and never need to be updated again about your website. You have to adapt to the latest technologies and get adjusted to the rapidly changing customer demands. This will keep you in the competition.

So, it should be easy to adapt these updates on your website without much hassle. It could be deleting existing components or adding new. Hence your developers should be active and should be keeping track of what is changing from technology’s perspective.

Simply, flexible means ease in updating, extending and removal.

Content management systems are just about okay as they have active and ongoing developments. But it becomes tough to handle the major updates from CMS. Let me cite an example. Drupal 6 web design was non responsive. Webmasters who used Drupal 6 had to upgrade their version to Drupal 7. But it was a tough migration as the updates they made were significant and under the hood.


I do not suggest to make your website look like a mess with social media icons throughout it. But it is important to have links to Twitter, Facebook and other important platforms close to the shareable content of your website.

There are many integrations that could fulfill your website requirements.

Below are some examples.

· Email lists & forms with AWeber

· Comments and moderation with Disqus

· Social sharing with AddThis

Effective Integration Example

Check out CNET who uses integrations effectively: https://www.cnet.com/news/stimulus-check-2-update-how-fast-the-irs-can-send-it-to-you-if-congress-makes-a-deal/


Let me cite you an example. Consider that your website is a blog. You should be able to add new posts in a jiffy — most likely using a WYSIWYG editor with good image handling support.

Tripadvisor Widget


This is a great example of how to use Trip Advisor widgets at your own website.

The point here is you should not be framed in a generic fit if your website is playing a specific role. Always select a platform that is geared to both you and the user. Do a research on website builders and garner their insights to know what they have expertise in.


Now we have images, audio, video and etc. You can never expect what type of media is going to be important next. Once blogs were only text and now it often contains slideshows presentations.

360 Image Gallery

It is effective to use 360 view images to bring in sales to your hotel as the images give out a live feeling to them who are watching.

This is how Redot were able to utilize the 360 view as for the Elephant Stables website.

Your website should be able to adapt with these changing media technologies. Here is an example. If your YouTube videos are not responsive, it will break the layout of your responsive website.

The solution here is to wrap them in a bit of HTML and making use of CSS to make it responsive.


You should be able to exert fairly tight control over the performance of your website. You should have a good cache regime in place, information and files should be compressed and aggregated in order to be as efficient as possible and save your server from unnecessary bandwidth and load.

You can check your site speed from Google’s Page Speed insights.

Check out the report of Redot.

Remember, the faster page loading is that better it is as you may lose 1% loss in revenue for every 0.1 seconds your customer has to wait according to the researches.


This is a key as it indicates your ability to stay on top of the various administrative tasks associated with operating a website.

Major managements (users, content), themes, email, SEO should be controlled by you or a suitable and qualified employee for that post. You should realize that it is the time for an upgrade if you feel that it takes more time than it should for the developments and if the functions are not smooth on your website.


Content Sample

Here is the website of Thamaravila developed by Redot which has quality SEOed content.

If you are already an owner of a website you should know by now that this is the hardest part to succeed. But with the above 9 points ticked do not need to stress on this as you can test what content works and what’s not.

If your website design is up to the mark and you are not struggling with technical issues anymore you could spend your time on growing your traffic generating more leads to have more sales. Great content plus a strong relationship network with valuable influencers will always generate traffic.