Driving Around With My Gym Bag

And other things that do not produce huge results

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I have good intentions. Always. But the execution and follow through is an area that I am consistently lacking. Hey, at least I am consistent in that! The problem with intending to do something but never actually doing it is that you won’t get the results you intended either.

Despite often dropping this little truth bomb on myself, it seems that I somehow still feel frustrated and disappointed that I am not where I am “supposed” to be. Wherever that is.

This frustration with lack of follow through is not limited to any one area of my life, either. I continually amaze myself with how much I do not accomplish and with the results I have not achieved despite intentions to do so.

Working out

Does anyone know how many calories driving around with your gym bag in the car burns? I’ll give you a hint. It has a zero in it. But I am bad at math so I could be wrong.

On a related note, dressing in your gym clothes after work with the intent of working out, only to then sit on your couch “for a minute,” results in the same amount of weight loss as driving around with your gym bag in the car.

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Meal Planning

I love how everyone promotes what a huge time save this is. Do you know how many hours it takes to prepare meals for a week? I don’t because I spend at least four hours on Sunday pinning recipes on Pinterest for my meal plan for the week. It hardly seems like much of a time savings after that because groceries and prep and motivation. Also, that’s an awful lot of Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers or whatever, which obviously means dishes. Pass.

There are Cup O’Noodles in our break room so I guess that’s my meal plan this week (again).


There really is no better example of having the best intentions and failing to follow through than with the lies we tell ourselves about what kind of parent we will be.

I thought I would read books to my babies while I was pregnant with them so they would be born little geniuses and that I would make their baby food from scratch so they would be super healthy.

Can I just say that there is nothing that feels more ridiculous than reading out loud to your giant belly in an empty room? As for the baby food, see Meal Planning, above.

Now that my kids are older, I tell myself that I am not going to yell or nag. Also, I say that I am not giving my kids any more money until they start doing shit around the house. I am a liar.

As a result, there is a lot of yelling and unhappiness going around in my house and the amount of money these kids get from me for doing nothing equals more than what I made at my first part-time job. I am going to be an awesome grandparent someday, though.

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Building My Business

Direct sales is a relationship business. Network marketing infers networking, which I say I will do after hours and on weekends. As soon as I leave work and get home, however, I am so done with people that the only networking I am doing is in my PJs on the couch with the dogs. Shockingly, they are not huge skincare consumers. At this rate, early retirement is a pipe dream unless I get my shit together.

I have a lot of really good lists made, though.


Currently, I have nearly a dozen writings started with clever headlines and collections of little musings and ideas that have yet to be fully developed. Like many writers, I set out to write every day and have aspirations of publishing X amount of times a week. But when you can’t seem to finish any one piece, I guess you opt for writing one about all the things you set out to do and never finish. At least this one’s done! Now I guess I can cross that off the list.

I would love to tell you that I am off to the gym or off to eat a nutritious meal I prepared and then to a networking event. But I think we all know I am just going to go home, yell at the kids, do everything they didn’t, and have popcorn and wine for dinner.

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