Redpoint 7

As all founders know, once you finish raising capital, that’s when the real work begins. Here at Redpoint, we recently closed our seventh early-stage fund of $400M and, accordingly, we’re focused on the work at hand of supporting great founders and building our firm’s future.

We have continued our generational transition from the previous fund by adding two new partners that are focused on early-stage investing. With their addition, all of us on the early investing team have been founders or operators before becoming investors at Redpoint which means we bring our companies practical hands-on experience and a deep sense of empathy about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Alex and Annie joined Redpoint over the past year, both coming directly out of senior operating roles. Alex was CEO of Campaign Monitor after founding, running and exiting four successful companies, and Annie served as head of strategic operations at Uber Freight after four years in venture at CRV.

Assembling this team focused on early stage has given us the opportunity to think differently about how we operate as a firm to best serve our founders. As a nimble and focused group, we can move quickly, make high conviction non-consensus decisions, and work together as a team to support our founders in every way.

Working with Redpoint is a reflection of our values and how we work together as a team. Our values drive everything. Founders First summarizes priority number one. Think Independently Together institutionalizes the fact that diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us better. Open source the org represents the importance of transparency both inside and outside of Redpoint. Move as One, Have Fun, means that team always comes before the individual and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Make it Happen recognizes that actions matter more than words.

To that end, our founders making it happen are the real story of Redpoint. Our portfolio is stronger than ever with amazing companies like Brandless, hims, Guild Education, Looker, Snowflake, and Zuora to name just a few. We’re proud to be part of their journeys, grateful to our LPs and look forward to the future with the entire Redpoint family, past, present and future.