Welcome Annie

Today we are super excited to share the news that Annie Kadavy is joining Redpoint as a general partner. Annie has an incredible track record as an investor and a well earned reputation as a trusted advisor with operational know-how for some of the most important companies in our industry. Most importantly, Annie shares our values: think independently together, open source the org, move as one, have fun, make it happen. And having been a founder herself, she clearly subscribes to our founders first ethos, which is at the heart of Redpoint. Annie will play an important role in shaping our firm’s future and we are incredibly excited to welcome her aboard.

We have known Annie for several years and have long admired her accomplishments. She has a crazy talent for discovering great companies and entrepreneurs at their earliest stages and to form deep relationships with them. One of the many things we love about Annie is her ability to see around corners and spot technology trends before anyone else. During her four year career with CRV she sourced or led deals with early stage consumer companies like DoorDash, Patreon, ClassPass and Laurel & Wolf, among many others. Most recently Annie served as head of strategic operations at Uber Freight which she describes as a startup itself and helped scale from fewer than 50 people to several hundred. Previously Annie worked at Bain and Warby Parker, where she honed her data-driven approach to building companies and understanding consumer behavior. And, most importantly, she was a founder herself, before becoming a VC.

Redpoint executed a generational transition when we raised our last fund in early 2015. That transition went smoothly due in large part to our founding partners who always put the firm’s best interests first. Soon after, we started looking for great investors and leaders with a view towards building a firm that will be ready for the next decade. In 2017, we added Alex Bard as a General Partner and now, with the addition of Annie, we have assembled a dream team of young, intuitive, down-to-earth investors who have all been founders or operators themselves before they became investors and have great empathy for the founder journey.

When we laid out our criteria for an additional consumer-focused GP we realized it would take time to find the right person. And in fact it’s taken us almost two years to hire Annie. We wanted someone who had been a founder, an operator, an investor with a proven track record, as well as someone who appreciated the importance of building a great culture.

In our many conversations with Annie, the theme of teamwork and collaboration came up again and again. What ultimately brought us together is our shared belief that what matters most in this job, as in life, is the people. We believe in shared accountability, shared responsibility, shared leadership and flat economics leading Redpoint into the future. Our partnership works because we value people who think independently, are transparent with feedback, respect each other tremendously and always put founders first. Annie embodies all of these beliefs and we count ourselves fortunate to welcome her into the Redpoint family.

Please read Annie’s own thoughts here and join us in welcoming Annie to Redpoint. You can also reach her at annie@redpoint.com