Billing and revenue share system updates in HiveMP

Over the past few months we’ve been focusing on finalising the billing system for HiveMP, and we’ve just realised some minor updates to the Revenue Share product.

Billing configuration now required for projects

If you’re a user of HiveMP, you’ll now need to create and associate a billing account with your projects. You can create and assign billing accounts in the Billing section of the Web Console.

The new section in the Web Console for managing billing accounts.

We’ve put up some quickstart guides for managing billing accounts:

As standard on HiveMP, you can also configure billing accounts via our REST API.

If you’re having any trouble configuring or setting up billing on existing or new projects, please get in touch with us via our support channels.

Revenue share: Negative values now supported

To support scenarios where invoice line items consist only of refunds (and therefore are negative), you can now use negative values on invoice line items and invoice payments.

When revenue share is processed, the calculated negative amount will be deducted from the recipient’s balance.

A posted invoice payment with negative values associated with it.

Revenue share: Invoice visibility

You can now toggle visibility on invoices in Revenue Share, matching the existing functionality available on recipients, rulesets and products.

Marking an invoice as invisible hides it from the default listing under the Invoices section of the Revenue Share dashboard, making it easier to hide old drafts and reduce clutter.

Revenue share: Editing posted invoices

Invoices in Revenue Share can now have their name and notes edited after they’re posted. Previously once an invoice was posted you were unable to edit the name and notes associated with it, and had to unpost and repost the invoice.

Since the name and notes don’t affect the associated payments, you can now edit these values regardless of the invoice status.

Please note however, that you still can’t edit line items on a posted invoice — if you wish to edit line items you’ll need to unpost and repost the invoice.

Editing an invoice after it’s been posted

If you’re interested in using our Revenue Share product to help manage revenue share distribution, you can sign up for a HiveMP account on the website today.