Check out the major new updates to HiveMP!

It’s been a busy few months here at Redpoint, where we’ve been working on delivering major new updates to HiveMP. Not only are we releasing brand new services, we’ve also been hard at work improving the documentation for every HiveMP product across the board.

Here’s a quick overview of all the new services being released:

  • HiveMP Sessions, a new authentication solution for games that works on every platform and enables cross-play.
  • HiveMP Chat & Presence, real-time APIs for online player presence and one-on-one chats in-game.
  • New documentation & how-to guides, with almost every product now including a quickstart and concept overviews.
  • HiveMP SDK 2.0, with support for TypeScript/JavaScript, the new WebSocket APIs and more.
  • HiveMP Game Servers are now available in Alpha, and allow you to launch game server instances across multiple Kubernetes clusters, globally on-demand.
  • HiveMP Event Tracking and HiveMP Auth can now be set up and configured in the Admin Console.
  • HiveMP Licensing has added support for granting digital licenses to player accounts (in addition to its support for issuing license keys).
  • HiveMP Reporting now allows you to style invoice reports with your own company logo, address and tax information.

Read on for a quick summary of each new update, and stay tuned over the next few weeks for more in-depth articles on each new product.

New: HiveMP Sessions

We’re launching a new authentication solution for all kinds of games: desktop, mobile and console. With HiveMP Sessions, you can automatically sign users into HiveMP and enable cross-play on all the different platforms your game is released on.

The new online account portal where players can manage their accounts.
  • One global account system for players across every platform
  • Supports sign-in through Steam, Discord, Twitch and
  • Supports email and password-based authentication
  • A managed account portal for players, so you don’t need to handle requests relating to password resets, etc.
  • Rich profile management with avatars, profile descriptions, location and friends.
  • Two-factor authentication support coming soon!
  • Support for signing in to web applications and HTML5 games
  • Automatic sign in to native platforms with HiveMP SDK 2.0 and above

HiveMP Sessions is now in Beta, and is competitively priced based on user-session-minutes. Check out all the information on HiveMP Sessions on the new product page!

New: HiveMP Presence & HiveMP Chat

Alongside HiveMP Sessions, we’re also releasing HiveMP Presence and HiveMP Chat. These services provide you with real-time online presence notifications for players and an in-game chat solution that works across platforms.

HiveMP Chat is available in the new account portal.
  • Real-time notifications on player presence and chat, running over WebSockets
  • One-to-one chat messaging system that works across games and platforms

HiveMP Chat and HiveMP Presence are now both in Alpha, and are free when used with metered HiveMP Sessions. We’re looking for feedback on these products, so please reach out to us if you’re interested in using HiveMP Chat or HiveMP Presence in your game.

New: Documentation and How-To Guides

We’re got tons and tons of new documentation resources for HiveMP, now available on the website. Almost every product now has a quickstart guide and multiple how-to and concept guides to answer your questions. It’s never been easier to get started with HiveMP!

With this we’ve also overhauled all of the product pages on the website to provide a clearer view on their feature set and pricing structure.

The new documentation feedback system is now available.

You can also now provide feedback on every documentation page! If you encounter documentation that doesn’t quite answer all your questions, you can now provide that feedback directly on the page in question.

New: HiveMP 2.0 SDK

The SDKs for HiveMP have gotten a major overhaul, and we’ve now release version 2.0 of our SDKs for all platforms, including:

  • Unity 5.6 and later (including all 2017 and 2018 versions)
  • Unreal Engine 4.18 and later
  • C# (.NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Standard 2.0)
  • NEW: TypeScript and JavaScript (Both in browser & Node.js)

This new SDK includes support for our new WebSocket-based APIs (HiveMP Chat and HiveMP Presence), and includes all of the new API methods since our last SDK release.

It also includes support for automatically signing in Steam and users when authenticating to HiveMP Sessions. With these platforms, you don’t need to perform any manual integrations to their APIs to authenticate users — just make the request as normal and the SDK will automatically include auth tokens when they’re available.

To get started with the new HiveMP SDKs, check out the documentation for your engine or programming language.

HiveMP Game Servers now in Alpha

We’re releasing HiveMP Game Servers into Alpha, with support for connecting to and launching instances in your own Kubernetes clusters. Now, anyone with a HiveMP account can launch game servers on-demand.

Managing game server clusters in the Admin Console.

Unlike other solutions, HiveMP Game Servers allows you to connect to Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions on any hosting platform you like, and then launch game instances close to the players who will use them.

  • Consistent API for launching game instances in Kubernetes
  • No requirement to set up complex networking solutions or Kubernetes federation
  • Run any Docker container you like
  • Supports TCP, UDP and (with automatic private key provisioning)

HiveMP Game Servers are competitively priced based on resource-minutes. You can learn how to set up HiveMP Game Servers and launch instances in the HiveMP Game Servers Quickstart guide.

HiveMP Event Tracking now available in the Admin Console

You can now configure HiveMP Event Tracking in the Admin Console, setting up event types and creating new event versions to ingest data into HiveMP in real-time.

Configuring custom event tracking in the Admin Console, as we use it for the HiveMP documentation feedback system.
  • Track any kind of custom event data, in any structure you like.
  • Track events from authenticated and non-authenticated (public) sessions.
  • Automatically include data such as estimated geographic location, session ID and account ID.
  • Backwards-compatible versioning system so that previous releases of your game can continue to send event data as you update your game.
  • Query all of your tracked event data using SQL in real-time in Google BigQuery.

You can get started with HiveMP Event Tracking by creating event types in the Admin Console or reading the new quickstart guide.

HiveMP Auth now available in the Admin Console

You can also now configured HiveMP Auth in the Admin Console. Whether you’re running game servers on HiveMP or on your own infrastructure, you can now easily secure communications between game clients and servers using our managed service.

Editing a authentication entry in the Admin Console.

As with all HiveMP services, we offer full REST-based API support so you can add and remove authentication entries from your own systems.

  • Secure communications between game clients and servers
  • Prevent denial-of-service attacks and cheating
  • Manage authentication entries on-demand via our REST APIs
  • HiveMP Game Servers can automatically provision authentication entries for launched game server instances and pass protocol and private key information as Docker environment variables
  • Securely include HiveMP identity information in the token userdata, thus allowing your server to verify the HiveMP account and session of the connecting player

You can find out more about how can help you secure your multiplayer game and how to use HiveMP Auth at the product page.

HiveMP Licensing now supports issuing digital licenses

You can now issue digital product licenses directly to players with HiveMP Licensing. In addition to the support for issuing license key codes (such as those for Steam), you can now add product checks for Alpha or Beta releases of your game.

The new digital license grant and revocation for products.
  • Grant and revoke digital licenses to HiveMP accounts based on user ID, handle or email address.
  • Check for the presence of a digital license in your app and prevent access.

You can find out how to implement digital license checks in your game in the new concept documentation.

HiveMP Reporting now supports customising the style of invoice reports

The revenue share summary and invoice reports in HiveMP Reporting now allow you to specify a report configuration, which includes your company logo, address, contact and tax information.

An example invoice, styled with the new report configuration system.
  • Upload your company logo, address, contact and tax information
  • Set the name, address, contact and tax information for recipients
  • Save templates as report configurations for faster re-use

You can start using the new report configuration system in the Admin Console today.

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