Enhanced reporting in HiveMP; BigQuery Access now in Beta

This week in HiveMP we’re releasing new built-in reports, an enhanced report browsing interface in the web console, and BigQuery Access in Beta.

Enhanced Report Browser

The web console now has an enhanced report browser, which allows you to search for available reports by name. We also more clearly indicate when reports are not available (due to an integration not being configured).

The enhanced report browser with search.

MMR and Discount Effectiveness Reports

We’re now making available two new classes of built-in reports: Estimated MMR and Discount Effectiveness.

Estimated MMR (match-making rate) reports show your game’s rank per-day based on revenue generated per second. MMR is used by some store-fronts to rank new games as they’re released, which drives the visibility of your game on those stores. Correlating your game’s MMR with known events (such as launch or store-wide sales) can help you understand how much a store will prioritise your game over others when determining what game to show to customers.

Importantly MMR is a comparative ranking; that is, a given MMR is only useful with context of MMRs from other games. We don’t yet have enough statistical data to provide a baseline for MMR values that drive visibility, but if you’re a publisher or developer with multiple games you can use this to evaluate which of your games have the best visibility on a given store.

Regional MMR estimation showing visibility in each region (Y axis hidden in this screenshot).

The new Discount Effectiveness reports correlate a game’s MMR ranking with the active discount it has during sales. These reports aim to reveal how much revenue is generated from a game when it’s on discount, taking into account the amount earned from increased unit sales against the amount lost from the applied discount.

It’s important to note that these reports do not take into account context of a discount — for example, a launch discount often has a higher MMR due to the increased awareness of the game around launch. By default these reports include data from all time, but you can change the range to exclude things like launch which may bias results.

Discount effectiveness report indicating that a high discount for this game results in similar MMR as launch day (Y axis hidden in this screenshot).

BigQuery Access in Beta

BigQuery Access is now available in Beta for all HiveMP customers. BigQuery Access allows you to grant Google accounts access to your private HiveMP datasets, so you can perform analysis across projects and utilise third-party software (like Google Data Studio) for custom reporting and dashboards.

The BigQuery access management page.

BigQuery Access is billed per minute as per our pricing page. Our billing system is not currently updating estimated costs for BigQuery access on projects yet; this will be resolved in the coming weeks.