Fractional distribution support and improved ruleset editor in HiveMP

Over the past few weeks we’ve brought several improvements to the Revenue Share product in HiveMP, including support for fractional distributions and an improved ruleset editor.

Fractional distribution support

You can now declare revenue share distributions using fractional values, instead of percentage or fixed amounts. This allows you to express values such as “1/11th”, which can be used to incorporate GST calculations into your revenue share distribution (as opposed to listing them as a separate line item). In addition, whereas percentage values must be whole numbers (like “2%”), fractional values allow you to express percentage amounts smaller than 1% (e.g. “1/200th” for “0.5%”).

The new “Fractional distribution” option in the ruleset editor

Improved ruleset and object editors

The revenue share ruleset editor now gives you the option to move rules and distributions up or down in the UI (without manually copying values). Most object editors (including rulesets) also now allow you to make a copy of an existing object.

For example, after clicking the “Make a Copy” button while editing an existing revenue share recipient, you’ll now get this screen:

The new “Copy Recipient” screen

The “Make a Copy” functionality is available for most objects, including recipients, recipient transactions, revenue share rulesets and products. It’s not yet available for invoices (but this support is planned).

If you’re interested in using our Revenue Share product to help manage revenue share distribution, you can sign up for a HiveMP account on the website today.