Introducing HiveMP

HiveMP is a new cloud gaming service to help you build better games. From multiplayer APIs for online games, to business tools that help you focus on development, HiveMP supports you through development to release.

At GCAP 2017, HiveMP will be officially launching in Beta with a simple pay-as-you-go model. You can check out the official website here:

So, how can HiveMP help you?

Revenue Share

If your company operates on a revenue share basis, and you need to pay individuals or other companies royalties based on sales, HiveMP’s Revenue Share product can greatly simplify revenue share distribution for you.

With your recipients set up, you can configure revenue share rulesets of any complexity, with percentage based distributions or fixed amount distributions:

When you receive a payment from Steam or another retail store, create the invoice and payment in HiveMP:

HiveMP supports multiple currencies on both the invoice and payment; so if Steam sends you an invoice in USD, but you receive the amount in AUD in your bank, this is correctly tracked and you can distribute amounts based on either the invoice or actual amount received in your account.

After the payment is posted, the transactions from the payment are listed and the balances owed to each recipient are listed in HiveMP:

By using HiveMP’s revenue share solution, you can save time in calculating revenue share distribution amounts.

Steam Analytics

If your company is releasing games on Steam, you’ll want a way to easily track traffic heading to your Steam store page, and view wishlisting and sales conversions. Traditionally this has been difficult to do: you need to manually export the data from Steam and calculate the conversion rates yourself.

With HiveMP you can connect your partner portal account, and our system can automatically import your traffic, sales and wishlisting data every hour. Use our online web console to view traffic breakdowns and conversion rates:

Visits to a Steam store page over time
Conversions to wishlists and sales by day

Our Steam data import and reporting system will be available for free when HiveMP launches at GCAP.


If you’re developing online multiplayer games, HiveMP provides dedicated APIs for common tasks, such as managing user sessions, performing NAT punchthroughs and game lobbies.

All of our services are available as APIs, and we provide SDKs for Unity, Unreal Engine and C# (with more coming in the future!)

You can utilise these multiplayer services through our SDKs, and manage game lobbies from the web console:

Launching at GCAP

We’ll be officially launching HiveMP in Beta on the 23rd October, with registration available immediately. We’ll also be around GCAP 2017, so if you want to chat with us in person or if you have questions about HiveMP, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

In the meantime, check out the website for more details and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates!