Performance and stability improvements for HiveMP; ToS & Privacy Policy now available

Over the last week in HiveMP we’ve been focusing performance and stability improvements for the system. We’ve also released the closed alpha of our Game Servers API, and the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for HiveMP are now available on the website.

Performance and Stability Improvements

Our primary focus for this period has been performance and stability improvements, both for the administrative web console and for our back-end services.

While performance and stability improvements aren’t the most visible feature to roll-out, you should see a noticeable reduction in the time it takes for HiveMP to process revenue share payments in our Revenue Share product.

As always, we appreciate feedback in this area via our support channels.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy now available

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that governs your use of HiveMP are now available on the website. If you’re an existing or new customer of HiveMP, please ensure that you read these documents, as your continued use of HiveMP indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Game Servers in Closed Alpha

We’re now offering an experimental preview of our dedicated game servers solution, available in both as an API and in the web console. This API is expected to change in breaking ways over the next few months, so for the time being game servers are only available to select projects. If you’re interested in working with us and using hosted game servers in an upcoming project, get in touch via support and we’ll organise access to the API.

Game servers management dashboard — now in closed alpha

That’s all for now —we’re planning feature improvements and usability enhancements in Revenue Share for our next update (est. 14th Nov).