Redpoint @ Global Game Jam 2017

This weekend we joined 36,000 other game developers in participating in Global Game Jam 2017. Over (almost) 48 hours, we developed a new game called Super Ball Brawlers. You can play it on

Super Ball Brawlers title screen

Super Ball Brawlers is a 4 player competitive party game where players compete to be the last ball rolling. Roll around and try to knock off the competition, but watch out, all players can control the platform you’re rolling on!

One of the most important things when building a game in a game jam is to get the essential game play or core concept up and running as fast as possible, and enable yourself to refine and iterate on that concept to perfect it in the time you have remaining. So when we were coming up with the idea for Super Ball Brawlers, one thing that made the idea stand out was that the core concept was very easy to get up and running quickly: players control balls rolling around on a platform. From there we could spend the rest of the jam iterating on the physics to make the game play feel really good for the players when they’re controlling their ball and colliding with other players.

Super Ball Brawlers in-game

As with any game jam, we built Super Ball Brawlers in Protogame, the open source game engine available on GitHub. Over the course of the weekend, we added new features to Protogame that were required to make Super Ball Brawlers, including:

  • Lots of new physics options can now be configured through the IPhysicsWorldControl interface, including dynamically setting gravity at runtime, defining custom callbacks to specify friction and restitution on a per-collision basis, and disabling angular velocity calculations in collisions.
  • 3D deferred render passes can now be alpha blended into 2D render passes. This allows for cheap 2D sky-boxes to be used in 3D environments.
  • New audio APIs that give you more control over the playback of audio instances.

You can play Super Ball Brawlers on and view the game entry on the Global Game Jam website.