6 Types Of Videos Your Business Needs

Jan 17, 2018 · 4 min read

So you’ve made the decision to produce a video for your business, or you finally convinced your boss to make one. That’s great! But where do you start? And what type of video content is going to get you the most bang for your buck?

When it comes to using videos as a communication tool in businesses, there is a misconception that they are only for commercials. Videos are great tools for informing, educating and entertaining existing and potential clients. They are quick, engaging, appealing and shareable which make them an effective and efficient communication tool for businesses.

Here are 6 important videos you need for your business.

1) Flagship: Website Engagement

This is a basic introductory video that helps people know who you are and what you do. It’s usually the first video people see when they visit your website. It takes the average user 15 seconds to decide to stay on a page or to move on. A flagship video is an excellent way to lay everything out without boring them with lengthy texts. If you’re seeing a high bounce rate on your website and want people to stay, a flagship video will help greatly.

Average length: 60–90 seconds

2) Pre-roll: Awareness, Call-to-Action

This is a short clip that plays in front of videos on YouTube. Running pre-roll ads is cheap, scalable, and can reach hundreds of thousands of eyes in weeks. If basic awareness is an issue for you, pre-roll is a great option when TV spends are out of the question. Beyond that, the real power of pre-roll is guiding people directly to your network. Whether you’re running a promotion or driving traffic to a free trial sign-up page, pre-rolls lead your customers exactly where you want them to go.

Average length: 15–30 seconds

3) Culture Video:

This video highlights major aspects of your company’s culture. Customers do not just care about what they are buying but also who they are buying it from. A culture video does more than a tell customers who you are, it helps you share how they see and think of you. This video is not just to get people to like you, it is to prove to them that you are worth doing business with.

Average length: 2–5 minutes

4) Tutorials: Confidence

This kind of videos educate and inform how to use your product or service. Tutorials may seem like post-sale, non-marketing support, but they can also build confidence in potential buyers — especially if you have a complex product. When a prospective customer can preview their experience and gain familiarity with your resources, they’ll be much more comfortable with your offering. While entertaining your audience has its value, being helpful is equally powerful at building brand affinity.

Average length: 1–10 minutes

5) Testimonial: Trust

This is a video of your consumer or client describing their experience with your company. Individual experiences matter way more than what a company says about itself. Customers or clients want to hear good things from someone independent. Text testimonials are nice, but there’s definite power in seeing and hearing someone talk about their experience.

Average length: 2–5 minutes

6) Internal: Compliance

This is a type of video made to describe an initiative, change, or project. If you’re going through a large internal change and need compliance to be high, video can help immensely because people would rather watch videos than read memos.

Average length: 30–90 seconds

So now you know this, the next thing you need is a company that understands your video production needs and can help you bring it to life. And that’s where we come in, at RedTown Digital, we understand the growing demands for engaging digital content in this new digital era and the role it plays in getting your brand the right attention it deserves and that’s why we create amazing digital content for companies ranging from startups to some of the biggest brands in the world and we’d love to talk about how we can help you do the same.

Visit our website redtowndigital.com or contact us via hello@redtowndigital.com to find out more.

Let’s get talking today!

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