A Letter to the Editor of the Daily Post

by John D. Seybert, Mayor of Redwood City

Mayor Seybert recently submitted the following Letter to the Editor regarding an article published earlier this week. The letter corrects information in the article about the Settlement Agreement with a group called “Citizens for Public Trust.”

January 29, 2016

Dear Editor,

Your recent article (“Settlement would close Docktown,” 1/25) completely misstates the outcomes of the settlement agreement with a group called “Citizens for Public Trust.” The Settlement Agreement does not require the closure of Docktown; rather, it gives the City a path forward to resolve the issues raised by the lawsuit. The City will be developing a plan related to Docktown that is consistent with State law and State Lands Commission policies.

The City Council believes settling this lawsuit is the best way to protect the interests of both Docktown residents and the community at large. By reaching this agreement now, when we have a willing party for a settlement, the City avoids the excessive costs associated with a prolonged lawsuit. Notably, the City also maintains control over the process of determining Docktown’s future.

The City Council and I believe this agreement enables the community to now move forward with a public process to collectively determine the future of our Marina.

John D. Seybert

Mayor, Redwood City

Read more about Docktown on the City’s website.