Citywide Transportation Plan Update

Redwood City, like many Bay Area cities, has seen the economy rebound significantly over the past five years. Spurred by the strong economy, strategic location mid‐Peninsula, a high‐level of Caltrain commuter rail service and the adoption of the Downtown Precise Plan in 2011, the City has attracted a substantial amount of high‐density residential and commercial development during that time. The economic growth has resulted in increased traffic congestion and questions about the anticipated impacts of development. As part of ongoing efforts to better manage growth, the City Council and City staff are working to improve the transportation system though a Citywide Transportation Plan currently underway.


The Citywide Transportation Plan aims to improve the quality of life for our residents, as well as the health and sustainability of our community through improved connections between where people live, work, and play. The overarching goals of the Plan are to:

1. Assess existing conditions of the transportation system, including counting vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian activity related to recent development projects;

2. Engage and inform our community around transportation issues; and

3. Prioritize and monitor transportation investments.

The City also aims to improve transportation through several related planning efforts. They include:

City‐sponsored projects:

· El Camino Real Corridor Plan

· Downtown Transit Center and Broadway Streetcar/Urban Circulator Study

· Transportation Demand Management Grant

· Farm Hill Blvd. Improvement Pilot Project

Partner‐led projects:

· Bicycle Metrics Study

o Sponsor: Joint Venture Silicon Valley

o City role: Steering Committee member

· California High‐Speed Rail

o Lead agency: California High‐Speed Rail Authority

· Caltrain Modernization Program

o Lead agency: Caltrain

o City role: City/County Staff Coordinating Group and Local Policymaker Group member

· Caltrain Bike Parking Management Plan

o Lead Agency: Caltrain Redwood City RFQ Citywide Transportation Plan 3

o City role: Technical Advisory Committee member

· Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study

o Lead agency: SamTrans

o City role: review and provide input as requested

· Grand Boulevard Initiative: Creating Safe and Healthy Corridor Communities

o Lead Agency: San Mateo County Transit District

o City role: community participant

· San Mateo Countywide Transportation Plan

o Lead agency: San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG)

o City role: review and provide input as requested

Next Steps for City-Sponsored Projects

The four City-sponsored projects previously mentioned are key components in Redwood City’s Citywide Transportation Plan. While these projects are moving forward we invite you to join the conversation; the next steps on each project are provided below.

El Camino Real Corridor Plan:

The El Camino Real Corridor Plan’s process is projected to take 12 to 18 months to complete. The City is currently on step three of the seven-step process:

Step 3: Community Meetings. The City will hold community meetings to present existing conditions assessment and issues, and seek community input on design and streetscape improvements as well as development guidelines.

All Citizen’s Advisory Group, Community Meetings, and Public Hearings are open to the public. Go here for more information and to see the next steps in this process moving forward.

Downtown Transit Center and Broadway Streetcar/Urban Circulator Study

The General Plan discusses several streetcar corridors in Redwood City to improve mobility options and connect outlying areas to downtown. One of these corridors extends along Broadway from the Downtown Transit Center to the Stanford in Redwood City Precise Plan area. The City of Redwood City received a $450,000 grant to complete this Broadway Streetcar Study.

The City and a consultant team are currently working on an existing conditions report. When that report is available, additional public outreach and technical studies will be conducted. A survey gathering community feedback has already been completed and the results will be considered when developing the plan.

Go here for more information.

Transportation Demand Management Grant

Redwood City received a $49,000 grant from the San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) for technical assistance in order to 1) research and develop a Transportation Demand Policy and Plan (TDM Plan), and 2) develop the framework for establishing a Transportation Management Association (TMA). These efforts are key strategies to reducing the number of employees in Redwood City who drive alone to work. Both the City Council of Redwood City and the City’s General Plan support implementation of TDM strategies and programs.

The grant was recently awarded and staff will send information about the project when details are available.

Farm Hill Blvd. Improvement Pilot Project

After hearing community feedback and reviewing the traffic data, the evaluation and a summary of the results City Council decided to continue discussions on the Farm Hill Boulevard Improvement Pilot Project to a later date. They also requested that staff look to improve traffic conditions in nearby neighborhoods. For more information go here.

Join the Conversation

The City wants to hear from you about major topics facing your community and make sure you know about opportunities to provide input. Depending on your interest, we have a way to keep you connected and informed. Go here to learn more.