April 5, 2017

Last December, the City Council voted to approve the Final Docktown Plan, outlining the relocation assistance options the City would be providing for Docktown Marina residents.

The City’s experienced relocation expert Overland, Pacific & Cutler (OPC) is meeting with people in-person to understand their relocation plans, and working with each individual Docktown tenant to help them with the City’s assistance. OPC is also organizing independent appraisals of properties berthed at Docktown in situations where the property owner is considering selling their property to the City rather than moving it themselves. These meetings are an important part of the planning process, and helping people to evaluate their relocation options. OPC needs to complete all interviews and appraisal appointments as soon as possible. The City anticipates notifying people about their relocation assistance program eligibility and providing requested appraisal information beginning in late April 2017.

Ending residential uses at Docktown Marina is required in order for the City to meet its legal obligation to allow full public access to the land on which the marina is located. The Final Docktown Plan was adopted after the Council considered over 70 comments submitted by the public in writing and at a community meeting held in November, as well as over two hours of public testimony during the December 12 City Council meeting. While relocation benefits are not required under State law, the City has outlined (in the Final Docktown Plan) a process for evaluating the needs of each Docktown resident and providing reasonable relocation assistance, consistent with the City’s goals of equity and providing affordable housing assistance.

The Final Docktown Plan includes flexibility to allow Docktown tenants to seek out their own property appraisals if desired, and authorizes the City to pay up to 10 percent more than the City-paid appraisal if the tenant-procured appraisal resulted in a higher value. If a tenant-procured appraisal results in a value more than 10 percent greater than the City-paid appraisal, the tenant could request that a third appraiser determine the value of the property. The decision of the third appraiser would be binding.

If you would like more information about the Docktown relocation history and process, please visit www.redwoodcity.org/docktown.

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Redwood City VOICE

Information & Perspectives from the City

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