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Harbor View Place (Jay Paul Company) Proposed Project Update — December 2017

The City of Redwood City provided a brief update on the proposed project called Harbor View Place (Jay Paul Company) in early August. This blog provides an update and next steps as it relates to the project review process and community engagement steps planned for January and beyond for the proposed project on the former Malibu Grand Prix and Lyngso sites.

The Proposal

The Jay Paul Company, Harbor View Place proposal seeks to develop approximately 1.2 million square feet (s.f.) of office space on the former Malibu Grand Prix and Lyngso sites. The City’s General Plan, which is the City’s primary land use regulation document, currently allows for development of approximately 830,000 s.f. in industrial-related uses at this site. Earlier this year, the Jay Paul Company asked the City Council to consider initiating General Plan amendment proceedings so that the City could review this proposed project. The review process would include studying potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed project.

On July 24, 2017, the City Council conducted a public hearing to consider the request to initiate a General Plan Amendment. After considering public comment, the City Council opted to move forward with the General Plan amendment process. A video recording of this hearing, as well as related City Council meeting documents, can be viewed here.

The Review Process

Initiating a General Plan Amendment does not mean the proposed project was approved. The City Council approved the beginning of the review process to consider a General Plan Amendment, along with the other requested project details and in accordance with the City’s project review process. More specifically, the Council-adopted resolution stated, “this initiation does not constitute approval of the amendment or assure any particular action on the amendment by the City Council. The Planning Commission and City Council will consider the General Plan Amendment in their discretion, along with the other requested project entitlements and in accordance with the City’s project review process.” To read the City Council approved resolution, go here.

The Council’s action to initiate a General Plan Amendment does allow for review of the proposed project. The review process includes conducting an Environmental Impact Report, land-use analysis, economic study, engineering analysis and other related studies. Costs associated with City staff time and consultant time required to review the project will be reimbursed by the developer.

November 13 City Council Action — Moving Forward With the Environmental Review Project

On November 13, the City Council approved an agreement for environmental consulting services with Environmental Services Inc. to prepare the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the proposed Harbor View Place project.

Approval of the environmental services consultant contract in November was the first step in beginning the required environmental review for the proposed project, and is not an approval of the project itself.

Next Steps — January 22, 2018 Study Session Planned

Given the scale of this project, and significant public interest, the City Council requested that a study session be held early in the process so that policy direction and public input may be given. This study session is tentatively scheduled for January 22, 2018. An EIR scoping session for this project will occur on the same night.

Future steps in the review and community engagement process include:

•Issuance of a Notice of Preparation and holding an EIR Scoping Session

• Community outreach meetings

• Architectural Advisory Committee review

• Complete Streets Advisory Committee review

• Planning Commission and public comments on the Draft EIR

• Planning Commission formal review and action on the Final EIR and requested development permits

• City Council review of the requested entitlements, General Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment.

These steps will take place over the course of 2018 and will provide multiple opportunities for public comments and feedback on the proposal.

Stay Up-to-Date On This Proposed Project

The status of the proposed project, including public hearings and other opportunities for public input, will be posted on this project webpage here.

Other Development-Related Resources

For more details about other development related information, go here.

To sign up for Building Eye to gain automatic updates when a permit request is submitted to the City, go here.

To sign up for the Community Development Digest, a digital newsletter providing City updates on development, transportation, affordable housing and other community issues, go here and click Community Development Digest.




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