How to Search For a Permit, Report a Code Violation and More

Learn about City resources and tools to stay in the know about changes in your neighborhood

This blog post provides a deeper look into how to look up permit history, view details about current development projects and other ways to stay connected and aware about changes happening in your neighborhood.

Read on to learn about the different ways to research development projects, online and in-person tools to help with permit searches, and how to report possible code violations you see in your neighborhood.

Search Permit History and Schedule Email Alerts

Summary of Online Search Tools

The City’s website provides development information at different stages of review and approval; go here to view development projects.

Building Eye is a mapping tool offered by the City to search by keyword, date range and permit application type. Community members can set up alerts by specific address, neighborhood, for new building permits and planning projects. To find the Permit Activity Map, go here. The City also offers two other online tools to search for related items. The first online resource is called eTrakit and searches permits, projects, inspections, violations, and more. To learn more about this resource, go here. The City also provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an online mapping reference to learn about land use, history, utilities, permits and much more. To learn more go here.

A summary of these online search tools include the following:

· Building Eye: a mapping tool to search permits by keyword, date, or type

· E-Track-It: an online resource to search permits, projects, inspections and more

· GIS: a mapping reference to learn about land use, history, utilities, permits and more

· MyRWC: access to local government services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to submit code violations, search current projects and more

myRWC App is Free and Easy to Use

Another online tool to download onto your smart phone is myRWC. myRWC is a multi-platform solution providing Redwood City residents, businesses, and visitors the ability to access local government services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply go to the website, or open the app, and submit a code violation, search current projects, report service requests and more. There is a specific category for “Code Enforcement Issue”, to report issues of illegal construction. myRWC is available online and through the Mobile Application.

City Hall Staff Can Help

City Hall is another resource for all residents, businesses, and visitors to gain information about permits and development history. There are computers stationed at City Hall to look up original plans, as long as they were submitted and scanned for the specific property address the resident is interested in searching for.

The City is in the process of digitizing its microfiche system. It is expected that these digital records will be viable from the City’s website in early 2019. For now, these files can be viewed at City Hall. For use of these resources at City Hall located at 1017 Middlefield Rd., sign-in using a provided iPad, and a Permit Technician will assist you in obtaining the requested information.

Report a Code Violation

There are various ways to report a code violation to the City. If you have an emergency, please call 911. The City will maintain the confidentiality of any complaint. Code Enforcement will need the following information to help with code violations submitted including address of violation, description of concern, and reporting party’s name and contact information. Please email Code Enforcement Division staff directly at: or call (650) 780–7577. Community members can also use the City’s mobile and desktop app myRWC to report a violation. myRWC is a free and easy to use app that provides users access to a set of City services 24/7.

Update on Recent Code Violation Concerns In the Mount Carmel Neighborhood

At the August 27 City Council meeting, the City Council discussed the recent concerns raised about shared rental arrangements and potential code violations regarding a home for rent in the Mount Carmel neighborhood. In complying with federal and state regulations, the City cannot regulate landlord/tenant contracts, weigh in on who is allowed to live in a home, or control who buys a home. After listening to the staff report and community concerns, Council paused further City staff research about room rental arrangements in Redwood City. The Council discussion acknowledged the current need for more housing as well as the concerns raised from the neighborhood about potential parking impacts. To address other challenges that room rental arrangements may cause, staff discussed potential permit parking options, other zoning changes, and encouraged the community to report code enforcement violations they may see in their neighborhoods.

To view the City Council meeting discussion, watch it online here.

Other Resources

For online maps, GIS & property research, go here.

To Report a Code Violation, go here.

To view Current Projects go here.

For more mapping tools, go here.

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