Inner Harbor Specific Plan: What’s the Latest? (Jan 2016)

Public Review Extension & State Lands Commission Comment Letter

By: Aaron Aknin, Redwood City Community Development Director and Assistant City Manager

If you have been following the Inner Harbor Plan process (or read the previous blog post), you know the City of Redwood City released the Public Draft of the Inner Harbor Specific Plan (IHSP) and the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Alternatives on October 26, 2015. These documents are all accessible via the City’s Inner Harbor webpage.

The Planning Commission hosted a public hearing on December 1, 2015 and received comments and questions from the public. During this hearing, the Planning Commission requested that the public be provided an additional opportunity to comment in a Planning Commission meeting during the public review period. The City also received a request from several residents to extend the review period.

Public Review Period Extension

The City is extending the original review period to March 4, 2016 (original review period ended January 26th). Paperwork will be sent to the State this month officially extending the review period. The City is in the process of planning a community workshop and an additional Planning Commission meeting to be scheduled before the March 1st review period deadline.

State Lands Commission Letter and Attorney General Opinion

As discussed at the Planning Commission meeting, the City had been expecting the State Lands Commission to submit an EIR comment letter specifically addressing the legality of residential uses in Docktown Marina. On January 4, 2016, the City received a comment letter from the State Lands Commission regarding the Draft EIR. It can be accessed here. In responding to the Draft EIR, the State Lands Commission (the Commission itself, not State Lands staff) waived Attorney-Client privilege and allowed public release of a legal opinion from the State of California Attorney General. In this letter, the Attorney General’s office details why residential uses (houseboats, floating homes, etc.) at the Docktown Marina are inconsistent with the Public Trust Doctrine. It is also important to note that at their December meeting the State Lands Commission agreed to discuss Docktown Marina at an upcoming State Lands Commission meeting.

Ways to Be Informed and Engaged

To read the Inner Harbor Specific Plan, review the Draft EIR or see other documents. Please visit the following page:


For Planning Commission meetings, visit the commission page here:

For other public meetings scheduled, visit the City of Redwood City public calendar where additional meetings will be added in February.

Written Comments

The City encourages written questions and comments to be submitted at the following email:

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