Mural Masterpieces: A Guide to Redwood City’s Newest Public Art

Redwood City continues to brighten the community by expanding public art with new murals.

Did you know Redwood City was recently named one of the best places to see public art in 2017 by the New York Times? In the endeavor to make Redwood City the arts, culture, and entertainment destination on the Peninsula, Redwood City is now decked in even more hues and shades thanks to some new murals!

The City is expanding public art as a means for promoting vibrancy, defining cultural uniqueness, building community, and improving the quality of life. These murals utilize various paints and fun images to represent our diverse community.

Whether you’re looking to sightsee around the City or trying to find another picture perfect Instagram post, here’s a guide to Redwood City’s latest murals.

“Paint Party” at University Art

Artist: Damon Belanger

Location: University Art at 2550 El Camino Real

Check out this colorful masterpiece at University Art! Entitled “Paint Party”, artist Damon Belanger created this mural to express raw creativity in all its forms. University Art serves artists as a multifaceted space with classes, art supplies, and gifts. “Paint Party” brings vibrancy and fun to the area and signifies the City’s commitment to being a destination of art.

For more information on Damon Belanger and his prior projects, go here.

This mural is part of the City’s Civic Cultural Commission’s mural initiative. For more information on the Civic Cultural Commission go here.

Aili Ice

Artist: Megan Stevens

Location: Aili Ice Designs at 2363 Broadway

Artist Megan Stevens, a local Redwood City artist, created this botanical design to educate and inspire the community with the beautiful, natural world they live in. She uses orchids, bees, and pollination imagery to bring people back to nature, their roots, and their connective effect to the environment as humans. She reminds the public that bees and pollination help create the flowers and foods we enjoy.

In addition, Steven’s botanical artistry lies within the Aili Ice Designs mission — to be a botanical shop. Aili Ice Designs is primarily a flower shop that promotes local artists and their botanical art pieces.

For more information about Megan Stevens and her prior work in the Bay Area, go here.

This mural is part of the City’s Civic Cultural Commission’s mural initiative. For more information on the Civic Cultural Commission go here.

“Missing Peace” by CATA

Artist: Dodge Williams

Location: Emerald City Liquors at 3025 Jefferson Ave

“Missing Peace” is the first CATA (Community Advocacy Through Art) mural in Redwood City. Designed and painted by local artist Dodge Williams, the mural symbolizes how healing is a collaborative effort requiring not just the efforts of an individual but the support of friends, family and local groups. Each person brings their own piece to the puzzle of creating greater overall peace and love in the community at large.

CATA and Dodge Williams have partnered with the Mental Health Association of San Mateo County (MHA) to encourage community collaboration in promoting healing and growth from individual struggles such as mental illness and homelessness.

CATA is a project of the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation. CATA creates public art spaces and street art murals to raise awareness about issues that affect the community. They believe street art murals beautify public spaces, grab attention, and are mediums for advocacy.

For more information on Dodge Williams and his prior projects, go here.

Flora From Fauna Series

Artist: Jane Kim

Location: All over downtown! (The Arthur Murray dance studio, Café La Tartine, Polam Credit Union, Marshall Street Garage, and 870 Jefferson Street)

Have you walked by a life-sized animal carrying a chrysanthemum downtown? Then you’ve experienced the Flora From Fauna Series! San Francisco artist Jane Kim and the Redwood City Improvement Association bring you a mural series that celebrates our City as the former Chrysanthemum Capital of the World.

The Flora From Fauna series commemorates Redwood City’s chrysanthemum boom in the 1920s. Kim, a scientific illustrator and fine artist, designed these images to engage pedestrians. She gets people to think about the wildlife that surrounds them as well as Redwood City’s historically rich culture. Her work revolves around the goal to inspire people to love the earth and its wide diversity of life.

For more information on Jane Kim and her other projects, visit here.

To learn more about Redwood City as the Chrysanthemum Capital of the World, go here.

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