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Parking in Redwood City: Part 1

The Official Guide to Parking for Downtown Visitors & Commuters

The City of Redwood City currently offers nearly 4,000 parking spaces in and outside the Downtown core, including on-street parking. Almost 1,000 of these parking spaces are free to the public on nights and weekends. Patrons of the Century 20 Downtown Redwood City movie theater also receive four hours of free parking in the Marshall Street Garage and the Jefferson Garage with validation.

But which parking space is the right one for me?

Well, it really depends on when you’re visiting downtown.

Above, we’ve matched all of the parking options in town with the kind of visitor they accommodate best!

Are you commuting to Redwood City for work?

Try the garages and lots on Marshall and Jefferson, and in Crossing 900 (the first 1.5 hours are free).

Are you grabbing lunch downtown?

Try the meters on Broadway (which will have 2 hour time limits for shoppers’ and diners’ convenience starting Dec 1) or the meters on the side streets. You can also try the Main St. lot, or the Perry St. lot.

Attending a Downtown event?

Check out the County garage. It’s available after 5:00 pm on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends. It’s free and there are usually many spaces available.

Stay tuned for a second blog installment that will cover soon-to-come enhancements to Redwood City’s lots and garages.



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