Redwood City Boards, Commissions and Committees Blog Series: Call for Community Volunteers!

The second blog in this series features: Civic Cultural Commission and Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission

Are you a Redwood City resident? Passionate about City parks, senior programs, cultural and art programs, affordable housing, or architecture standards or know someone who is?

The City welcomes and encourages your active participation by serving on a Council-appointed Board, Commission or Committee. This March, the City will seek volunteers to fill twenty-eight open seats on a variety of Boards, Commissions and Committees. Join other dedicated volunteer Board, Commission and Committee members in shaping policy initiatives and services affecting the community.

This blog series features each Redwood City board, commission, and committee and provides information on how you can apply to serve.

Civic Cultural Commission

The Civic Cultural Commission consists of seven members who serve four-year terms. Members meet monthly on the first Thursday of the month. Members should have a deep interest in, and appreciation of, artistic and cultural matters, as this commission is responsible for supporting and enhancing cultural life in Redwood City. It works toward this goal through the following roles:

· Advocate: Promotion of events, arts, and related programs

· Funder: Allocation of grants

· Broker: Bringing groups together to support the arts

· Provider: Concert series, art contests, public art

The Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission operates from the Civic Cultural Commission Strategic Plan. This plan was developed and adopted to address many of the goals outlined in the Cultural Element of the Redwood City General Plan.

Earlier this year, the City selected Fung Collaboratives to lead a Public Arts Master Visioning process with the support of the Civic Cultural Commission. The Public Arts Master Vision is underway. This visioning process seeks to define what types of art there should be within the City, identifies specific locations for art, and considers the long-term approach to public art and provide further review and recommendations for improvements to the City’s existing procedures related to public art.

For commission meeting agendas, members and more, go here.

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission consists of seven members who serve four-year terms and meet monthly, the fourth Wednesday.

The duties of this commission include:

· Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in policy matters pertaining to the acquisition and development of parks and the formulation of recreation programs to meet the needs of the residents

· Periodically review and make recommendations on the recreation and parks element of the City General Plan

· Actively promote recreation and park activities within the City

· Review and make recommendations to the City Council on the City Manager’s annual proposed budget for recreation and parks from a pure policy standpoint, pertaining only to programs, levels of service, and capital improvements

For commission meeting agendas, members and more, go here.

Interested in serving?

The recruitment is now open. Submit your application by going online to the City’s website and filling the application form. The application and more information about each Board, Commission and Committee is online here.

More Details on the Spring Recruitment

The City of Redwood City is now recruiting for multiple seats on various Boards, Commissions, and Committees! Recruitment opens on March 1 and closes on April 6. To learn more about the recruitment process, go here.

General requirements include that applicants must have an interest in civic involvement, must be 18 years of age or older, be a registered voter, and a resident of incorporated Redwood City. Some volunteer positions may have additional requirements or preferred areas of expertise.

Next week’s blog in this series will feature the Complete Streets Advisory Committee and Housing and Human Concerns Committee.

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