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Redwood City Boards, Commissions and Committees: Call for Community Volunteers to Apply!

Are you a Redwood City resident? Passionate about City projects, zoning and planning, enhancing art and culture in the community, the City’s history, or know someone who is?

The City welcomes and encourages your active participation by serving on a Council-appointed Board, Commission or Committee. The City is seeking a pool of volunteers to fill vacant seats for a variety of Boards, Commissions, and Committees. Join the volunteer members in shaping policy initiatives and services affecting the community.

This blog features the Redwood City boards, commissions, and committees with vacant seats and provides information on how you can apply to serve. Apply today!

Recruitment and Application Timeline

The City of Redwood City is now recruiting for one seat on each of the following three Boards, Commissions, and Committees: Civic Cultural Commission, Historic Resources Advisory Committee, and Planning Commission.

Recruitment opens February 11 and closes March 22. All verified applicants will be notified of interviews scheduled to take place on April 1. Save the date for newly elected members to be sworn in at the City Council meeting on April 22. To learn more about the recruitment process, go here.

General application requirements include applicants must have an interest in civic involvement, must be 18 years of age or older, be a registered voter, and a resident of incorporated Redwood City. Some volunteer positions may have additional requirements or preferred areas of expertise.

For more information visit the city’s website or call 650–780–7220.

Boards, Commissions and Committee Recruitment Openings

Take a look at the following descriptions of the boards, commissions, and committees with openings and see which might be of interest to you.

The following Boards, Commissions, and Committees are featured: Civic Cultural Commission, Historic Resources Advisory Committee, and the Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven members, appointed by the City Council for four-year terms. The Commission regularly meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month but may hold additional meetings.

The Planning Commission recommends a comprehensive long-term general plan for the physical development of the City to the City Council, for adoption, and plays a role in the administration of the City Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance.

The Commission reviews and acts upon the following:

· General Plan and General Plan amendments

· Neighborhood and specific area plans

· Environmental impact reports and negative declarations

· Tentative subdivision maps

· Planned Development permit applications for developments of one acre or more

· Appeals from actions taken by the Planning Director or the Sub-division Committee regarding applications for minor subdivisions

· Subdivision Ordinance exemptions

· Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance amendments

· Special studies and reports

The Planning Commission also appoints members to the Architectural Advisory Committee and Historic Resources Advisory Committee.

For the Planning Commission meeting agendas, current commission members and other details, go here.

Civic Cultural Commission

The Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission, on behalf of the Redwood City Council, is responsible for supporting and enhancing cultural life in Redwood City through:

· Celebrating the diversity of the Redwood City community

· Encouraging exceptional quality and excellence in programs

· Supporting community building through cultural activities

· Recognizing that art, in all forms, including visual, dramatic, music, dance, film, literature or other artistic expressions, is essential to a vital community.

The Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission operates from the Civic Cultural Commission Strategic Plan. The Civic Cultural Commission’s Strategic Plan was developed and adopted to address many of the goals outlined in the Cultural Element of the Redwood City General Plan. It works toward these goals through the following roles:

· Advocate: Promotion of events, arts, and related programs

· Funder: Allocation of grants

· Broker: bringing groups together to support the arts

· Provider: Concert series, art contests, public art

The Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission, on behalf of the city of Redwood City, offers grants and assistance to non-profits to facilitate art and cultural events in Redwood City. In collaboration with the Public Art Task Force, the Commission also provides review, approves processes, and identifies art corridors within the City for potential locations for public art.

For the Civic Cultural Commission meeting agendas, current commission members and other details, go here.

Historic Resources Advisory Committee

Preservation of Redwood City’s historic resources is of great significance for those who live and work here today, and for the generations who will be here in the future.

The Historic Resources Advisory Committee meets once a month and advises the Planning Commission regarding the implementation of the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance and recommends historic designation of local landmarks and districts, performs design review of changes to historic buildings, and is involved in other historic preservation-related activities.

The Committee consists of five members who should fit at least one of the following:

· Member of the Redwood City Heritage Association or other preservation-related organization

· Licensed architect or structural engineer

· Urban planner or landscape architect

· Attorney or real estate expert

· Member of community groups or resident within historic district(s)

· Occupant of historic landmarks or owner of historic site(s)

At least four members of this committee must be residents and registered voters of Redwood City. Committee members serve a three-year term.

For more on Redwood City’s history, go here. To learn more about the Committee, including agendas, committee members and more, go here.

Additional Resources

For additional details about the City’s Boards, Commissions or Committees go here.

For additional details about the City Council, go here.

For more about the City of Redwood City, go here.

To connect with the City, go here.

To review the City Council meeting agendas, go here.

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