Redwood City’s Intern Perspective: Favorite Donuts

This past summer the City of Redwood City hosted 17 college interns that worked in various departments throughout the City. Throughout the summer we asked them to team up and share their favorite Redwood City food picks with us. Learn about their favorite donut spots in this blog post and let us know what you think!

Chuck’s Donuts

This famous Redwood City bakery offers a wide and varied selection of fresh donuts, bagels, and croissants for customers to choose from any time of the day. From classic glazed to filled donuts, bars, bear claws, and even unique cronuts, Chuck’s Donuts has every donut variation to satiate your sweet tooth. Many days, they’ll even make some unique creations, such as giant, “Texas size” donuts, their cereal donuts that have Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on top, and even a Strawberry Shortcake donut, that puts strawberry jam between two donuts and is topped with whipped cream. If you want to give Chuck’s a try, you can find them on Woodside Road at Orchard Avenue, serving great, fresh, donuts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Mentioned previously in Redwood City’s Intern Perspective: Favorite Burgers blog, Homeskillet is a quaint, breakfast and lunch restaurant.. Upon entering their old-school, urban feeling establishment, you are presented with a delicious selection of donuts, which although are mostly traditionally styled yeast and cake creations, they are incredibly good tasting for their low prices. If you’re not in the mood for donuts, Homeskillet also serves an array of breakfast items, such as bacon, eggs, hash browns, French toast, and different kinds of pancakes, and also serves several lunch options, including all sorts of unique and tasty sandwiches and burgers. A special and unique dish at Homeskillet that combines both lunch and dinner is the sweet and savory burger-donut combination, the “Luther.” Check out this creation at the restaurant on Veterans at Jefferson.

Nuri’s Donut House

Nuri’s Donut House is a little shop that can be found on El Camino Real, making fresh donuts, muffins, and bagels for anyone who stops by to their charming bakery. They serve many classically styled donuts including cakes, bars, and filled varieties which are all big and excellently sweet and tasty, with their glazed donuts being especially very large and mouth wateringly good. On top of their great donuts, Nuri’s offers a special surprise. The shop is also known for baking delicious, freshly made, chicken, beef, and vegetable empanadas, made in the Bolivian style called salteñas and are absolutely to die for Check out Nuri’s on El Camino Real at Claremont.

Donut King

Donut King, located in Jefferson Plaza is another local favorite whose friendly staff serves up tasty pastries at reasonable prices. Share one of their huge bear claws or cinnamon twists with family or friends. Looking for your own sweet treat? Try a French Crueller, blueberry donut, custard filled maple bar or a chocolate raspberry filled donut. Along with these special creations they also offer the classics like old fashioned, devils cake, apple fritter, glazed, sprinkled, and more. Stop by this community favorite and grab a box for your next event!

In a recent Twitter poll, three of the four Intern picks were selected as people’s choice! Can you guess which ones? Top picks were Nuri’s, Chuck’s and Donut King. Look out for more polls soon! To follow us on Twitter, go here.

So what do you think? Are any of these your favorite? Share a comment with us and let us know where your favorite place to grab a donut in Redwood City is!

While grabbing a donut or other tasty treat at any of these shops, make sure to take and share a picture of your favorite snack for our Redwood City Through Your Lens photo contest! You could win a fun prize, be recognized at a City Council meeting, and more!

While the City of Redwood City’s summer internship program has come to an end, we hope to bring you more Intern Perspectives in the future. Follow us to stay tuned and never miss one of these great reads!

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