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Jun 7 · 4 min read

Search zoning regulations, flood zones, historic districts, permits and property information with new online tools

Looking for access to property data, zoning regulations, historic districts, flood zones, permits and more? Redwood City recently expanded their Geographic Information System (GIS) online tools and other interactive mapping resources. A new online redesign provides community members and businesses more mapping information; increasing accessibility to data, expanding technology and more.

This blog shares the recent GIS updates and how to access the City of Redwood City’s new mapping tools. Whether you are looking for specific property information or are simply a data nerd looking to explore City maps, check out these new tools and tutorial videos!


The newest and coolest interactive web map allows users to explore buildings in a 3D environment. The web map allows viewers to zoom in, out, and navigate around buildings to better understand their relationships to other buildings. Viewers can also click on buildings to access information like height and elevation estimates and a shadow simulator that generates building shadows based on the time and date entered. Another 3D element allows users to measure distance or an area in both two and three dimensions. The web map also includes a search tool for viewers to search by address within Redwood City.

In addition, the map includes a number of layers that provide context for the buildings, like City owned trees (represented in 3D), zoning, general plan, aerial imagery, and more. Check out the 3D Building Viewer, and share feedback through the information tab in the map.

View the map here.


The Community GIS

The Community GIS is the most used web map that the City offers. It allows viewers to lookup property information, learn about current development and infrastructure projects, and access many other data sets. These data sets include utilities, land use, public service facilities, emergency services, and more. Users can also download select data sets, make measurements in the map, view aerial imagery, and more.

Access the Community GIS here.

Child Care Locator

The newest mapping tool from the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department allows viewers to explore child care centers in Redwood City.

The map allows users to filter results based on factors like age, schedule, tuition type, and distance to Caltrain. Viewers can also search for an address to identify childcare centers within a set radius of that location.

Access the Child Care Locator here.

Flood Zone Map

The Flood Zone Map, released earlier this year, allows users to view changes to the FEMA flood insurance rate maps at the parcel level.

To view the map and learn more go here.


This interactive map allows viewers to see the status of building permits and planning applications. Users can view application details and set up email notifications for new permits and applications nearby.

View the Buildingeye map here.

Permitted Cannabis Site Locator

This web map allows viewers to access information about potential cannabis delivery centers and cannabis nursery locations.

View the map here.

Transportation Storymap

This interactive map allows viewers to learn about the City’s latest major transportation projects and explore the connections between them.

View the Transportation Storymap here.

Neighborhood Association Lookup

This map helps viewers identify the neighborhood association they live in, find out who the neighborhood representatives are and how to contact them.

Visit the Neighborhood Association Lookup here.

Crime Reports

This mapping tool features crime data from the Redwood City Police Department.

Visit the map here.


Check out two video tutorials on how to use the new 3D mapping tool! For the tutorial video part 1, go here. To watch part 2, go here.

To visit the new GIS web page follow this link.

To visit the GIS map gallery go here.

For the GIS web maps page go here.

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Redwood City VOICE

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