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January 28, 2016

You’ve Got a Question, Redwood City Has the Answer

Q: I missed the City Council meeting on Monday. Is there a place online I can read highlights?

A: The City encourages the community to join the conversation and provide input on major issues facing the City of Redwood City. Did you see a recent video with Mayor John Seybert discussing upcoming topics and ways to participate? View the video here.

The City also provides a brief round-up of City Council meeting actions on the Tuesday following meetings via the City’s Facebook, Next Door, and Twitter accounts. For the January 25 City Council meeting roundup, go here.

In addition, the City created a new webpage that outlines some upcoming City Council meeting topics. Don’t miss the frequently asked questions recently published about the Farm Hill Blvd. Pilot Program and Peninsula Clean Energy discussions.

Q: I heard there will be a Super Bowl 50 event in Redwood City. Where can I find event details and tips about traffic and transit during Super Bowl 50?

A: There’s a lot of great information out there about Super Bowl 50 traffic impacts and transit options. The City of Redwood City created a web page with tips from KQED and other transit partners on ways to get around during the week leading up to Super Bowl 50. The page also features information about the Super Bowl 50 Redwood City event. Check it out here.

Q: Searching the City’s website sometimes brings up links that are broken. Why is that and how can I find the information I need?

A: The City of Redwood City relaunched its website with a completely new design in September, 2015. This redesign features a number of tools that make searching for information and events easier than ever before. (Read more in a City news release regarding this.)

When the website relaunched, all City website urls changed. This often happens when websites are revamped. We are still finding that Google’s search engine has in some instances not caught up, and continues to indexe old links that no longer work.

The City website’s search function (the search bar in the upper right hand corner) is powered by Google “Custom Search”. This means that every time a page is moved, and its link changes, the search function has to refresh its memory. This sometimes takes a few days.

The City continues to update the site to improve user experience, which can also lead to the temporary presence of broken links in search results. If you find yourself stumbling upon a broken link, return to the City homepage and click through the main navigation to the pages you require.

The City encourages the public to continue to use the report box that appears when you follow a broken link, and to send email feedback to with comments and issues.

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