Tell a Friend Thursdays

March 24, 2016

You’ve got a Question? Redwood City has the Answer.

Q: I am interested in affordable housing and wondering when the City will be discussing the Bradford Street affordable housing development?

A: The City Council will be discussing the Bradford Street affordable housing development at their regular City Council meeting on April 11 beginning at 7 p.m.

Have input, ideas, or questions on this topic and others? The City is looking for input on important issues facing the community and there are a number of ways to share your thoughts, including emailing, watching/attending upcoming council meetings, or sharing your ideas and input via social media through the City’s Next Door, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Learn more in the video below from Mayor John Seybert.

In addition to the Bradford Street affordable housing development, topics like Downtown parking, the Inner Harbor Specific Plan, next year’s budget, and the 101/Woodside Interchange are among the various community issues that the City Council will be discussing over the next few months.

To learn more and join the conversation visit the City’s website here.

Q: I understand that the City of Redwood City regularly posts events and messages on Nextdoor. I live in Redwood City but I don’t see the posts. Why not?

A: Even if you live in Redwood City, your Nextdoor user account may not be configured to see posts from local agencies. Nextdoor explains its policy about this in a Help article:

Communicating with agency staff is entirely voluntary. You can choose to:
* Contact agency staff via private message.
* Unsubscribe from an agency or Mute agency staff if you’d prefer not to receive updates.

If you live in Redwood City and would like to see posts messages from the local government, make sure you haven’t unsubscribed from the City of Redwood City in your settings.

You can also opt to receive an email whenever the City of Redwood City posts on Nextdoor, so that you don’t miss a single event or alert. Read about how to configure your email settings here.