Update on Bungalow.com home for rent in Mount Carmel Neighborhood

The City has received a number of emails from Redwood City residents with concerns regarding a home for rent in the Mount Carmel neighborhood. This blog post provides a brief update on the City’s work to address the issues raised, including issuing a Notice to Correct unpermitted work, and prohibition on renting improperly-modified rooms. The City Council will discuss shared housing rental agreements like this one at their August 27 City Council meeting.

City Completed Initial Research and Inspection

Residents contacted the City regarding multiple rooms being offered for rent within the home and regarding improvements to the home possibly completed without permits. The home is owned by a private property owner, but is managed by a company called Bungalow, and is listed on their website, as well as several other rental sites. The City has been actively looking into all of the issues raised.

City research confirms that multiple rooms for rent are being listed on Bungalow’s website. After conducting a site visit last week, the City has determined that some work has been done without permit. While it is the current property owner’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits, it appears that some of these improvements were completed by previous property owners, as evidenced by MLS listing photos (the home was sold to the most recent property owner earlier this year).

City Issued A Notice to Correct

Since visiting the site last week, the City has issued a Notice to Correct, requiring that building plans be submitted within a certain time frame. Bungalow, acting as the property owner representative, has agreed to bring all areas of the home into compliance with the law. Changes required to bring the home into compliance include removing a partition wall in the living room, replacing a “person door” in the detached garage structure with an actual garage door, and bringing several other minor issues up to code. Ultimately, the living room will be used as a living room, and the garage will need to be used as a garage.

While any property owner has the ability to obtain building permits and make improvements to convert certain areas of the home into bedrooms, Bungalow has not indicated they will be doing this. There are other minor issues that will require a City building permit and City inspection. The City has made it clear that rooms where “unpermitted” work has taken place cannot be occupied or rented out.

City Council Discussion on Shared Housing Rentals Scheduled for August 27

The City Council is discussing shared housing rental arrangements such as the approach used for this home at the next City Council meeting on Monday, August 27 at 7 p.m.

All City Council meetings are open to the public and the community is welcome to attend or watch the meeting online here.

The City will provide updates on this issue as more information becomes available.

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