Welcome to the new Redzone Weekly

A few years ago I started a blog to share my thoughts and opinions about the NFL. Along the way I have posted about things like: the NFL Draft, NFL Free Agency, Fantasy Football and even some new NFL Uniform Designs.

Carolina Panthers Helmet & Uniform Design by Jacob Brooks

As a die-hard football fan, I often found myself saying “these so-called “experts” on tv don’t know anything” and I would talk with my friends about why. I eat, sleep and breathe football and decided that sharing my thoughts sounded fun hence: Redzone Weekly.

I offer a unique view on the NFL that isn’t swayed by media or any type of agenda pushing. I used to be a writer for Inside The Iggles (I #BleedGreen) but, I decided to venture out on my own. I love to talk real football with real fans. Along with my passion for football, I am a Graphic and Web Designer who loves to create new football designs. You can expect and unbiased, but well thought out view of the National Football League and its happenings.

This blog started as a WordPress blog, migrated to a Ghost blog and now I’ve decided to move to Medium. Nothing against the previous platforms, but Medium seemed right for me and my ideas for this blog. I enjoy the interactions with readers and for the most part you can always expect a response from me. Comment here or find me on Twitter at: @RZW_Brooks

Welcome to the new Redzone Weekly.