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Kanaloa Network is honored to start building on the Reef Chain

Kanaloa Network to join Reef Finance’s vision to Make DeFi Easy!

Reef Chain opens the gates to yet another team of talented individuals wanting to help the Reef Ecosystem grow and expand further. Kanaloa will bring a whole new meaning to non-fungible tokens with their use-case based NFT’s.

Kanaloa Network aims to improve accessibility and security across the DeFi industry worldwide. Participating in the network will enable a trustless, commitment-based entry point to decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization of assets for all parties involved.

Kanaloa has its digital asset and utility token, KANA, at its core, along with a variety of tools that will soon be available to all network participants such as a proprietary diamond token contract generator, an NFT staking mechanism, an RFI friendly DEX, as well as contract auditing tools, which will allow people — from all backgrounds and levels of expertise — to benefit from the potential of DeFi in just a few easy steps.

Kanaloa aims to unlock the full potential of the EIP-2535 standard, building a network based on trustless “proof of commitment” mechanics via ERC-1155 “NFT keys”. Kanaloa will provide its users with a fully decoupled, decentralized and adaptable portal to the DeFi landscape. This will include whole self-sustained system that gives NFT holders the possibility to unlock a variety of staking perks and features — from liquidity mining to discounts when using the platform.

This Kanaloa Network and Reef Finance collaboration will give Reef Chain users and community access to Kanaloa’s array of use-case based NFT’s, unique features and perks on the network, the ability to earn passive income, gain governance authority on the platform, explore and join the vast world of NFT games, and much more. Kanaloa’s talented team is taking this opportunity to build on Reef Chain in order to navigate through the unexplored lands and concepts of non-fungible tokens utility, obtaining the master key and open the doors to endless opportunities in an almost untapped market.

About Kanaloa Network
Kanaloa Network is a decentralized finance token and blockchain solution provider focusing on lowering the technical barrier and broadening the gateway into the world of DeFi. Kanaloa Network is the “nebula of DeFi”, providing casual-to-advanced users with an array of user-friendly products, together with the ability to safely participate in the exciting world of blockchain and decentralized finance with ease.

About Reef Finance
Reef Finance is building Reef Chain, a DeFi blockchain built using Substrate Framework. Reef Chain provides high scalability, enabling almost instant low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and EVM, allowing developers to migrate their dApps from Ethereum without changing the codebase, seamlessly. Our vision is to make DeFi easy for everyone to invest in and build DeFi applications on top of Reef Chain.


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Reef is a smart contract blockchain built using Substrate framework. Reef chain provides high scalability, enabling low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and Ethereum VM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their dApps from Ethereum without code change.

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Reef chain is an EVM compatible blockchain for DeFi. It is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs and does no wasteful mining.

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