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Our Reef Ambassador Program is Relaunching! Become a Reef Diver

The new and improved Reef Ambassador Program is now open for application! Become a Reef Diver today.

The Reef Blockchain
Reef is a layer 1 blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Our blockchain is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs, and does no wasteful mining. Reef features next-gen blockchain technology, extensible EVM, on-chain upgradability, libp2p networking and state of the art cryptography.

The growing Reef ecosystem includes numerous dApp such as wallets, security protocols, marketplaces, and more. Our chain uses Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism and can process 465 transactions per second with the average cost per transaction being approximately $0.17.

The REEF token
The Reef blockchain uses the native utility token REEF, which pays fees for:

  • Minting NFTs
  • Processing transactions and storing data
  • Running validator nodes by staking REEF tokens
  • Nominating which validator nodes should be part of the network

There are three REEF tokens available for different chains. There is the native REEF-20, the token that runs the Reef blockchain, REEF ERC-20, used for Ethereum, and REEF BEP-20, used for Binance Smart Chain. Find out more about Reef’s tokenomics.

Become a Reef Diver (Reef Ambassador)
We’re looking for committed enthusiasts who are familiar with the DeFi, NFT, and gaming space — and, of course, fans of the Reef ecosystem! Anyone can become a Reef Diver but here is a little bit of what we’re looking for. We’d love Divers who are:

  • Active Reef community members
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Creative minds and eyes with awesome short and fun video skills
  • Translators who can help us communicate with the global community

As a Reef Diver we need your help with:

  • Social media promotion: sharing the latest Reef news and fight any FUD!
  • Videos and designs: create fun gifs, videos, memes, and images that make the community smile and laugh.
  • Translations: Reef has a large global community, we’re always looking for help to share Reef in different languages.

Please note that this is a voluntary opportunity, and you are not entitled to any rewards. However, the team will distribute rewards based on the following:

  • Quality, quantity, and reach of work.
  • The better the content, the higher the chance of rewards.
  • Currently we are considering distributing rewards monthly. However, we may change this in the near future. More details to be released as we choose our Divers. Stay tuned!

How to Apply
Click here to submit your application. We’ll contact you if you’re a good fit!

Note: Every applicant should have a minimum of 200 followers on Twitter and be in good social media standing.

Join our Community
Increase your chance of becoming a Reef Diver by joining our community and positively engaging with others!

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Reef is a smart contract blockchain built using Substrate framework. Reef chain provides high scalability, enabling low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and Ethereum VM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their dApps from Ethereum without code change.

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Reef chain is an EVM compatible blockchain for DeFi. It is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs and does no wasteful mining.