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Reef Chain Developer Support Program

At Reef Finance we are all-too-familiar with the notion that all founders go through the growing pains of scaling a company. As we get ready to launch Reef Chain, we want to ease the building and ecosystem expansion hurdles by offering ample support to projects looking to enter the Polkadot ecosystem to build on Reef Chain.

In our effort to support the burgeoning Polkadot ecosystem and to support DApp developers looking to access our multichain future, we initiated the Reef Chain Developer Support Program, to provide unparalleled guidance and mentorship to those teams and entrepreneurs currently building on Polkadot Network and EVM-compatible blockchains.

Reef Chain Developer Support Program

Our goal for this program is to provide support to companies through their development cycle as well as what it takes to build a successful company. Reef Finance consists of a team of multi-discipline advisors, mentors, and employees that you can count on to support you in all the various ways you can and can’t think of yet. Many unforeseen challenges lie ahead, and we’d like to highlight a few key areas in which we can support you in your journey.

Partnerships: Our team has engaged with some of the most formative projects in the DeFi space that have helped elevate Reef Finance to the prolific DeFi Polkadot brand it is today. By joining the ecosystem companies building on Reef Chain, you will have access to our network of partners that have helped Reef pave the way to make DeFi easy.

Marketing and PR: Our active participation, engagement, and involvement with our community have helped us become the largest community in the Polkadot ecosystem. With our experience and skills, we will help craft your story and negotiate on your behalf with our network of influencers. Through Reef Finance you will also be able to utilize the relationships we have established to build your project’s credentials and visibility.

Advisory: We advise and support the developers throughout their project journey on the Reef Chain. Reef Finance is a collective of some of the most talented industry veterans on the team who understand the blockchain industry and have the right connection for whatever need arises. We want projects building on Reef Chain to succeed and so will be happy to pitch in in whatever capacity on recommendations for best in class for whatever connections may be needed. We will offer this support to projects who work with us and demonstrate the initiative to help us evolve the Reef Chain and complete our ecosystem.

Grants: Reef Finance aims to make DeFi easy for everyone and encourage the development of solutions for our developer community. With the launch of our grants program, we want to support the necessary components of the Reef ecosystem.

From Hackathons to one-offs, we want developers to feel confident to count on us for support. We will be running focused campaigns but for now, our doors are always open to your ideas.

Investor Access: Reef Finance had the opportunity to raise from and collaborate with some of the most insightful investors in crypto. If you’re a project currently raising or it is in your roadmap, we would love to help you shape your cap table with the right caliber of investment teams that can support you throughout your journey, not only in short-term benefits. We’d be happy to make introductions to our investor network that serve the needs of verticals ranging from Defi to NFT economy.

Tokenomics: Our team will help and advise developers on optimizing various aspects of tokenomics like allocation per tranche, pricing, vesting schedules, and valuation guidance. We will also help projects frame their investment narrative to ensure that it is viewed in the best light by the right investors.

IDOs and Exchanges: Reef Finance was the first project in the Polkadot ecosystem to be on two of the largest global exchanges, Binance and Huobi Global. Reef Finance also has a strong connection with PancakeSwap, a leading DEX. Our team can assist projects in getting the conversation started and help you understand the process of getting listed on top exchanges as well as help with processes in high-intensity situations that require finesse.

We want to help you achieve what you set out to do and to avoid potential landmines, join us and be part of Reef Developer Support Program by filling out this form to begin the conversation:

About Reef Finance

Reef is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system built on Polkadot. With a seamless user interface, Reef offers its users a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine that enables trading with access to liquidity from both CEXes and DEXes while offering smart lending, borrowing, staking, mining through an AI-driven personalized Reef Yield Engine.

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Reef is a smart contract blockchain built using Substrate framework. Reef chain provides high scalability, enabling low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and Ethereum VM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their dApps from Ethereum without code change.

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Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming.