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Reef Finance Litepaper Announcement

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finished our broad system overview, the new Reef Finance litepaper! It offers a detailed summary of the key aspects of Reef including the Global Liquidity Aggregator, Smart Yield Farming Aggregator, Smart Asset Management and Implementation Framework. It also delves into the Reef Token Economy including the Protocol Incentive Structure, Staking and Governance, Yield Distribution and Token Valuation.

You can check it out here, or it’s accessible through our website.


Powered by Polkadot, Reef integrates both CEXes and DEXes, providing increased liquidity for all cryptocurrency asset traders and managers.

Reef’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have tremendous experience and proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering.

For more information about Reef, or to join our team, please contact us at

Learn about Reef’s recent official news: Twitter: @ReefDeFi and Telegram:




Reef is a smart contract blockchain built using Substrate framework. Reef chain provides high scalability, enabling low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and Ethereum VM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their dApps from Ethereum without code change.

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Reef chain is an EVM compatible blockchain for DeFi. It is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs and does no wasteful mining.

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