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Reef Launches Reefscan v2

Every blockchain needs at least one, great block explorer that provides a series of utilities for its end users whether those are traders, developers, NFT collectors, or DeFi protocol participants.

Reefscan is the most advanced, fully open-source block explorer. It was built from the ground up for Reef chain by Reef’s own development team. Up until now it has gone through multiple redesigns and small feature and stability enhancements, and now Reef has launched a brand new version that helps fill in pieces that were previously missing.

Reefscan UI Redesign

Reefscan has a new look! It is the first project built by Reef’s own team that uses components from the aforementioned Reef UI kit, which will be officially released in the near future for all dApp designers and developers to use.

Homepage for

ERC-20 Token Tracker

Reefscan now automatically labels and tracks smart contracts that satisfy the ERC-20 contract interface. This gives users full transparency into token holdings and token movements on-chain, making it easier for them to identify tokens, liquidity pool deposits, payments, and more.

NFT Support

Reefscan now supports NFTs as well! This makes it easy for developers to integrate NFTs into their apps and wallets, pairing well with the NFT marketplaces coming soon to Reef. These both started off as Gitcoin Hackathon hacks in fall 2021, and the winning submissions have continued to develop over time, with one being the recipient of a Wave 1 Grant earlier this month.

Improved Smart Contract Support

Smart contracts now have a full source viewer and improved verification API. The verification APIs are also integrated into Reef Hardhat and Remix. This was one major component that developers were waiting for before deploying to mainnet, so now it’s much easier to deploy smart contracts to Reef mainnet! You can verify your smart contract now.

Verify smart contract interface from


Reefscan’s database backend of choice — PostgreSQL — will certainly delight many software engineers. However, we have received a lot of requests for official support from “The Graph.” While The Graph’s hosted service doesn’t have confirmed support for Reef at this time, Reefscan ships with Hasura GraphQL server which makes it easy for web developers to connect with Reef chain’s data warehouse for faster and more powerful frontend applications.

Check out the Reefscan documentation to learn how to access Hasura GraphQL and other features.

Reefscan APIs

Reefscan also ships with multiple API endpoints that are useful for quickly implementing wallet enhancements and other features:

  • An API for listing user’s tokens and balances
  • An API for historic trading data for Reefswap, Reef’s own decentralized exchange
  • An API for programmatically verifying smart contracts source code
  • An API for retrieving verified smart contract’s source codeand ABI
  • and more!

Full Docker support

Reefscan runs as a Docker image. Setting up the full Reefscan stack (Postgres, GraphQL, Backend & Frontend) is as easy as:

make net=mainnet env=prod up

Check out the full documentation on setting up and configuring your own, production grade instance of Reefscan.

It’s finally time to deploy into the freedom of Reef.

About Reef

Reef Chain is a layer 1, Substrate based blockchain that is the most advanced Ethereum VM-compatible blockchain available. It’s self-upgradable and has on-chain governance. Its infrastructure also allows for EVM extensions which allows for native token bridge, scheduled calls (ie. recurring payments), and smart contract in-place code upgrades. In the near future, it will support an additional VM which will allow developers to write code in multiple programming languages. The network runs on a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, which offers scalability and low fees.



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