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Reef Monthly Recap: June 2022

Reef Chain sailed through another month with plenty of accomplishments and highlights that our community thoroughly enjoyed.

We’re glad to have completed another successful month and quarter with June 2022 and back with a rundown of all our achievements.

June is packed with exciting updates, partnerships, events and programs to make the month more eventful. Please follow the article to catch up with them all.

Launches and Programs

$REEF Staking Program on Binance:

We launched a high-yield $REEF staking program on June 1, up to 119.79% for 30/60/90 days. 30/60 days options sold out in a week, and over 36,000+ users had already staked by June 7.

We opened new quota limits for $REEF and locked staking 30/60 days program options. Don’t miss the details, as early eligible users will share up to 10,400,000 $REEF.

Read more about the program here:

Reef Community Guards of Honor:

We introduced the Community Guard of Honor to honor and celebrate the generous contributions of the Reef Community members. It is a title to acknowledge the biggest supporters of the Reef Chain, and we’ve already announced two rounds of it.

To learn more, please visit:

New Ambassadors Program:

In mid-April, Reef announced the launch of a new and improved ambassador program, and from there, we welcomed 27 Reef Divers from across the world to represent Reef throughout various social and online communities around the globe.

We’re grateful to everyone who applied, and congratulations to all the new Reef Divers! Our Reef Divers have started, and we’re thrilled to have them on board.

Read more about the program here:

Partnerships and Integrations:

OpenFabric Partnership:

Reef’s services will now be available for dApp developers to use on the Openfabric platform. This new partnership will help developers create cutting-edge dApp products with AI and ML algorithms. It’s a new frontier for web3 devs — and their dApps! Using Openfabric’s new ecosystem to build and connect AI apps, web3 developers can seamlessly connect to Reef’s EMV-compatible blockchain and build their dApps quickly and affordably.

Read more:

Watch video.

OnFinality Partnership:

OnFinality is Polkadot’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider, and this partnership will allow developers to leverage the broad node marketplace, giving Reefians access to a valuable node service. If you log in, you can see Reef’s network spec on the OnFinality marketplace.

Read more:

Technical Updates:

Reef’s browser extension has new features and fresh visuals that make the UX smooth for all. It is available for Firefox. The latest Reef browser extensions let you swap, send and track all your Reef tokens in one place. This new update will come to Chrome soon. Stay tuned.

Read more:

Considering every tiny detail a developer may need within our ecosystem, Reef released the May Technical Update Round 2. This report compiles various new resources and development details to help developers build more efficiently.

Read more here.


Twitter Spaces:

Our CEO, Denko Mancheski, hosted an exclusive Twitter Spaces for the community to discuss the most recent updates with Reef Card and developments on the chain. The session was conducted on June 20, followed by a Q&A round with the community.

Find the AMA recap here.

AMA with Binance Turkey:

Denko then joined an AMA session with the Turkish community of Binance to discuss the $REEF staking program and their collaboration plans. The AMA was conducted on June 21 with a reward pool of $5,000 $REEF tokens in the reward pool.

Find the AMA recap here.

That’s all for June; we have a lot planned for July.

Stay tuned to our socials, and never miss any update from Reef!

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