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Reef Monthly Recap: May 2022.

The ever-expanding and Reliable, Extensible, Efficient & Fast ecosystem for EVM dApps, Reef, is back with a rundown of all the accomplishments of another successful month.

Exciting events, community campaigns, integrations, and technical updates, the month of May has contributed remarkably to Reef’s continuous expansion.

Let’s briefly look at all the May accomplishments.

Strategic Integrations

Reef and Multichain Integration Announcement: We are thrilled to share that Multichain (previously Anyswap), a cross-chain router protocol, has started cooperation for Reef Chain’s integration to their protocol. This strategic move has sparked great thrill in our community as $REEF supporters will seamlessly be able to bridge assets using Multichain.

Learn more about it here!

Important Releases

Deploy and Interact with Contracts using Hardhat: To make developers’ experience smooth and seamless while building on Reef, we released a dApp Academy tutorial on our YouTube channel. In the video, Phil, our Software Architect, showcases how you can deploy and interact with contracts using Reef’s hardhat environment.

Watch the video here!

Claim an EVM Address: On another dApp Academy tutorial, our Software Architect, Phil, demonstrated the step-by-step process of claiming and binding an EVM address to Reef Chain in minutes. A tutorial that developers would probably find helpful for deploying their Solidify smart contracts on Reef.

Watch the video here!

Technical Update: Considering every tiny detail that a developer may need within our ecosystem, Reef released the May Technical Update. This report compiles various new resources and development details that will help developers build more efficiently.

Get the updates here!

Call for Artists Final Selections Announcement: Allowing our creative community members an opportunity to be featured on many open NFT marketplaces, launching on Reef soon, we had recently held the Call for Artists campaign. Shortlisting some of all the great content we received, we announced the final results of the artists through a Medium Blog release.

Check your name here!

Unveiling Sqwid, the First NFT Marketplace on Reef: Putting an end to the long wait, we finally unveiled the first NFT Marketplace on Reef, Sqwid. It is an advanced NFT marketplace with radically distinctive features. It allows users to take loans against NFTs, customize royalty splits and more.

Learn about Sqwid here!

Contests and Campaigns

$5000 worth of $REEF Giveaway: Celebrating the latest integration of Reef Chain with Binance, we announced a massive $5000 worth of $REEF Giveaway. Innumerable community members created Reef Chain wallets, exhibiting their deep support to participate and be eligible for the rewards. We have drawn 250 lucky winners successfully who will share $20 worth of $REEF tokens each.

Important announcements

$200,000 Funding support announced for Terra Projects: Following the tragic Terra fall, Reef took the initiative to allow a new home to Terra chain projects. Our CEO, Denko Mancheski, announced to deploy this $200,000 of funds, primarily for tech onboarding and community support.

Learn more about it here!

Coinbase Custody added $REEF Deposits Support: Coinbase Custody added support for $REEF deposits and withdrawals. This dedicated support for $REEF will allow users a more seamless experience and access to a more secure and offline storage solution on Coinbase.

Read more about this here!

Binance Features Reef for its Learn & Earn Program: We are elated to share that Reef got featured on Binance’s EduFi program, Learn & Earn. This program focuses on educating the participants on different crypto projects, followed by an exciting quiz and winning rewards. We are grateful for this opportunity, as it helped us spread the word about Reef and its mission to a greater audience on Binance.


Joining different communities, speakers, channels, and groups of builders, Reef spread the word about its mission, ecosystem, developments, and more to a greater audience this month. Some of the May events we joined are:

  • Web3 Growth Marketing Meetup, Mumbai.
  • AMA with Hypersign, a new dApp on Reef blockchain.

That’s all for May, but we have a lot planned for June.

Stay tuned, and never miss any update from Reef!



Reef is a smart contract blockchain built using Substrate framework. Reef chain provides high scalability, enabling low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and Ethereum VM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their dApps from Ethereum without code change.

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Reef is an EVM-first blockchain designed to make Web3 accessible for the next billion users. Reef is the future blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, and gaming.