Event: The Asian Innovators

Singapore, October 2nd 2018 —PLMP-Fintech and Equity Deals Asia partnered together and hosted an event that brought some of Asia’s best growth companies and innovations to showcase in Singapore, The Asian Innovators.

Held at The Commons, this event also extended itself as a great opportunity for Reefic Protocol to grow the word about its advantages for all industries.

With blockchain being the most cutting-edge technology, it was important to have topics covering all aspects of blockchain and other innovative technologies such as genetics and digital marketing.

Events like this one are a unique opportunity for Reefic Protocol to gain invaluable contacts and showcase our project to a large and major players of the industry.

Dr. Koh, CEO & CTO of Reefic Protocol welcomed everyone with opening remarks. He also announced the project to the crowd.

Our CEO and CTO, Dr. Koh expressed the vision of Reefic Protocol and highlighted the importance of having focused on a decentralized platform, where customers can exchange reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies.

He also shared about how the industry is rapidly changing and how Reefic Protocol is set to create a sustainable community ecosystem and a sharing economy where businesses can benefit from data and contributions that are aggregated by an incentivised community.

Our goal is to get the community together, enable all to get a better understanding of Reefic Protocol and adapt it to best fit any form of business.
Reefic Protocol aims to synchronise the contrasting reward programs onto a networked loyalty platform with each maintaining an independent flow of operations to create a harmonious ecosystem. The platform will not interfere with the business strategies of participating programs to allow program providers to better regulate and tailor their rewards.”

The use of blockchain technology will allow the source of all loyalty points to be effortlessly authenticated, curbing fraud and deepening security. With its internal crypto-token economy, the system controls inflation and tracks the stream of loyalty points on the platform.

It was definitely a great opportunity for the team to get up close and meet live the Founders and CEOs of a portfolio of growth companies hand-picked by PLMP-Fintech.

A huge thank you to all expert speakers and attendees who joined us and we hope you benefited from the event!

About Equity Deals Asia

EquityDealsAsia is a new brand from Paul Anthony Zaman and Qualvin Advisory Pte Ltd. EquityDealsAsia is for making introductions between Founders/Entrepreneurs of Gorwth Companies and Exempt Investors (AI/PI/II). This compliments the professional consulting services offered by Qualvin Advisory in Investor Relations, Fund raising, Business Planning and Investment Thesis.

About PLMP Fintech

PLMP Fintech was founded in 2017 by Nicholas Lim, Peter Lim and Kym Kee as a financial technology startup embarking on the rising trend of Blockchain Technology and its multiple applications.

The founders and their core team of advisors are accomplished key executives in diverse industries who have the expertise and dedication to provide consultancy services to a wide range of international clients on Blockchain Solutions.

With an initial capital of $3 million from private investors and a constant flow of new funds, PLMP Fintech has established the first Blockchain Technology Centre in Singapore as a complete ecosystem that includes consultancy and marketing solutions for SMEs, OTC services and the biggest development and training hub in the region.

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