Reefic Partners with FBE Ventures to develop cross brand rewards program

FBE Ventures became the first Asia Pacific’s Pioneer F&B Acquisition Company partner within the Reefic Protocol.

FBE Ventures is in the business of acquiring successful F&B businesses and brands that have a presence in the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia and China. FBE Ventures comprises of renowned entrepreneurs and career F&B professionals coming together to form a dynamic team who will acquire, own, manage and scale regional F&B businesses and brands resulting in uplifting shareholder value.

FBE Ventures has been set up to establish Asia’s first F&B fund of USD100m, to acquire profitable, viable and growing businesses that have a presence in the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.

Loyalty program abandonment is a grave concern and major challenge for most businesses. With this in mind, Reefic Protocol, a connected loyalty ecosystem is offering a decentralized platform where customers have the fluidity and security of exchanging reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies. To do so, Reefic Protocol is combining its platform with the expertise of FBE Ventures its partner, in the food & beverage businesses.

This enables the companies to develop cross brand rewards program. Together, Reefic Protocol and FBE Ventures integrate an incredible opportunity to enhance the value of existing customer loyalty program and provide perks across brands.

About FBE Ventures

FBE Ventures is led by a team of leading global F&B entrepreneurs and professionals with a combined experience of

- More than 100 years,
- Exposure to 80 markets worldwide; and
- Owned, managed and operated thousands of outlets combined.

FBE Ventures ‘s team has the experience to create and grow own brands, acquired brands, franchises, expand and able to create exit on a higher multiple.

Concepts and brands created, built or managed by the team

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