Reefic Partners with VMO one of the largest online event booking system in Malaysia with over 1,000 merchants

VMO Rocks Sdn Bhd became the first online event booking system company partner within the Reefic Protocol.

VMO (pronounced vee-mo) is an instant booking platform for event venues and services with more than 1000 event venues across Malaysia on its site. It has generated more than RM40 million (US$9,344,253) worth of inquiries since going in 2014, and the platform also lists supporting event services.

Reefic Protocol announced its new strategic partnership with VMO Rocks Sdn Bhd to develop cross brand rewards program

Loyalty program abandonment is a grave concern and major challenge for most businesses. With this in mind, Reefic Protocol, a connected loyalty ecosystem is offering a decentralized platform where customers have the fluidity and security of exchanging reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies. By partnering with VMO (MALAYSIAN instant event venue and services portal startup), Reefic Protocol provides an improved interactive experience and a platform for reward points to be easily traded.

Through this strategic alliance, the relationship will be deepen even further with an extensive strategic cooperation that covers several areas, including a loyalty program partnership and coordinated marketing.

The common objective is to develop cross brand rewards program and consequently drive real value to VMO’s brand network while deepening loyalty and engagement opportunities for their customers.

Picture credits to VMO has developed an online event booking system which help busy professionals, event organizers and party planners match people with the perfect venue for their event of choice.

VMO’s recent success in raising RM500,000 (US$116,818) in an equity crowdfunding campaign to further advance its business has seen an increase in listings to 1,000 establishments, and its expansion to the southern Malaysian state of Johor and the state of Sabah in East Malaysia.

Reefic Protocol expects to announce more strategic partnerships in future, as it continues to create innovative alliances for the benefit of its customers.

About VMO

Put an end to the pain of finding the perfect venue or service for your event. VMO makes it easy for you to find that rocking venue and caterers, musicians, magicians, canopy rentals, balloons, costumes so that you can have the event of your life your way. Whether it is a last minute corporate meeting at a 5-star hotel, a sales presentation, birthday party, children’s party or an alumni dinner or even finding a caterer who makes that special Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake, VMO will help you locate it.

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About Reefic Protocol

Reefic is a decentralized platform where customers can exchange reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies.

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