Reefic Protocol Partners with Red Hare Studios to engage Singapore’s Independent Games Community about Reefic

Red Hare Studios became the first video games development company partner within the Reefic Protocol.

Red Hare Studios specializes in the design and development of reliable and high-quality solutions to aid in various businesses and procedures and the company offers its services to those seeking innovation and hybrid designs.

Red Hare Studios is committed to solving problems that could benefit from technology by facilitating productivity and business operations through integrated platforms and more personal computing.

This enables the companies to engage Singapore’s Independent Games Community by giving “tangible” usage to in-game rewards for real-world products or services. Together, Reefic Protocol and Red Hare Studios provide integration tools to mobile and game developers as an alternative channel for developers to reach out to customers.

Reefic Protocol allows gamers to exchange their in-game rewards for a game he is no longer playing to help a new player within the same game, in exchange for credits to ride on a local ride-sharing service or other services provided by the participating merchants.

This partnership can also help with the onboarding process for merchants and solution providers, creating additional incentives for them to work with Reefic Protocol.

About Red Hare Studios

Red Hare Studios is an entrepreneurial company based in Singapore since 2008. Like the horse of legend that inspired its namesake, the company is about strength and determination. Its members are creative professionals who advocate forward thinking while not abandoning traditions. In the form of interactive entertainment, Red Hare Studios creates fun and engaging experiences for both commercial and educational markets on multiple platforms.

Clients and Partners

To find out more about Red Hare Studios, visit them on:

About Reefic Protocol

Reefic is a decentralized platform where customers can exchange reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies.

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