For Sustainable, High Performance Green Buildings: ‘Reengen Energy IoT Platform’

Nowadays energy consumption monitoring in sustainable green buildings is being replaced by integrated and actionable building energy performance analytics as EE incentive regulations and building energy management applications came into the scene. The necessity of inexpensive, modular-structured, easy-to-use and scalable energy management software platforms is well understood in order to track investment return of EE programs and baseline benchmark analysis.

Besides, ESCOs working with EPC model are required to measure and verify building energy performance in order to analyse risks of EE applications and share revenue from EE savings. This requirement necessitates periodical energy audits with manual devices to evolve into real-time and continuous energy performance data analytics. Distributed sub-meters, analytics of data from these meters and historical data, AI algorithms for consumption prediction are taking place of monitoring data from one single metering point. As well as monitoring building energy consumption, turning energy data into actionable intelligence for energy managers, facility manager and CFOs is also gaining importance day by day. Most of existing systems and softwares provides highly technical data on a complicated UI that is not able to turn data into actionable format. On the contrary, energy performance analytics platforms with user-friendly UI increases EE awareness as well as benchmarking technical and financial impact of EE programs with current situation. New generation data analytics platforms with integrated modules and multi-dimensional architecture are shaping the building energy management and sustainable high performance green buildings market.

Reengen Energy IoT Platform connects the measurement, verification, control and optimisation dots and meets the market requirements of the 21st century. As providing EE applications for buildings through data analytics based on algorithm engine and dynamic simulation on cloud, the platform helps buildings get ready for DSM. Not only the hardware can communicate with different metering devices, but also it can transfer data from building automation systems that communicate KNX, LonWorks and BACnet protocols. Beyond that, air quality parameters are able to be monitored via temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor modules developed by Reengen and communicated through Zigbee wireless communication protocol.

Author: Sahin Caglayan Co-founder & CTO
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