Today Ellie and Brionna were going round and round. Well about as round and round as you can go with someone who’s 16 months old.

Brionna kept telling her to sit down while she was eating ice cubes so she wouldn’t leave one somewhere. And Ellie would sit down then get up. And walk around. At one point she decided she wanted to comply with the sit down request but not the stay command… so she decided to scoot herself along the floor…

I was no help because that made me laugh too hard.

Dad face timing mom with Ellie in Ponca

Also this weekend we went to Ponca to celebrate all the October birthdays.

Some how Josh talked us into rebuilding his sun room that he’d destroyed… josh has this habit of demolishing things and then getting people to fix it for him… kinda like I do with Brett.

It really helps me appreciate Brett.

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