re:compass #19: Supercharge The Return Of Events 🎆

Navigator for events during 31 August — 06 September 2020

Aiste Lehmann
Aug 28 · 5 min read
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Supercharge The Return Of Events.

Sounds like a second season of an epic show, and it certainly is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Autumn season of tech events is here, and it is starting with a blast. Kicking-off with my personal favourite Pirate Live and mega-multi-conference London Tech Week, the next week also features long-standing events with excellent reputation: SaaStr Annual at Home, UPPSTART, start of Inspired AI | World AI Week by World Summit AI, and many more.

There is only one open wish from me: I really hope event organizers will invent a new way to organize schedule and make discovering content and new connections easier. Anyone who signed up for London Tech Week will understand. We share our pain.

Hope you recharged well during the summer. You’ll certainly need energy for this supercharged event season in Autumn 2020. We are off with a very good start. 🎆

P.S. With all seriousness, I think multi-track fully packed conference days make little sense in the online world. Nobody has time or patience to scroll through the agenda and meticulously pick pieces of interest that happen to happen at empty slots of their calendar. Have you complained about spending hours on Netflix, watching trailers and not being able to chose anything? Same. And scrolling through online schedule and networking profiles is way way worse in that aspect.

🏴‍☠️ Pirate Live

When: 2020 August 31 — September 04
Access: free
Type: online conference

Made for Founders. Made for Mavericks. Made for You. Autumn conferencing season is kick-started by one of the best early-stage startup festivals in Europe. Pirate Summit is all about #meaningfulconnections and connecting some of the brightest people of the startup ecosystem. And as always, the 5-day agenda is packed with amazing keynotes, discussion tables, speed networking and meditation sessions. This year is it moving online (duh) and it is free for everyone to join!

🌇 London Tech Week

When: 2020 September 01–11
Access: free, tickets
Type: online multi-conference

One of those flagship events to not be missed. Usually scheduled at the beginning of summer, it has been rescheduled to first ten days of September due to coronavirus. London Tech Week is one of the mega-multi-event happenings where whole London tech community gathers together. When I checked two days ago, there were 84 official events listed, and it seems new ones are are being added rapidly. Word of caution: while tickets to London Tech Week are free, they do not necessarily give access to all listed events by default. Do not forget to register separately to TechXLR8, Elevating Founders Europe 2020, The AI Summit or other anchor events.

👾 Inspired AI | World AI Week

When: 2020 September 01 — November 30
Access: €249 — €1,500 + VAT
Type: online series

Brought to you by World Summit AI, Inspired AI is a series of cutting-edge and CPD accredited business, science, tech and networking online events #withoutborders gathering the global AI community and hosted by world-leading AI experts, running from September to November 2020. Purchased ticket gives access to 9 events including World Summit AI (14th Oct 2020) and all Inspired AI series online events.

🌱 GrowthHackers Conference 2020

When: 2020 September 01–02
Access: $0 — $1,399
Type: online conference

The GrowthHackers Conference 2020 is a two day online event for professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to push the boundaries of growth innovation. These range from growth-stage startups (Series B and C funded) to large public corporations. Some large companies that have embraced growth hacking include Wal-Mart, IBM, and Microsoft, who recognize that their stock prices are driven by customer and revenue growth and want to tap into the potential that the growth hacking process has delivered for their upstart competitors.

🛋️ SaaStr Annual at Home

When: 2020 September 02–03
Access: free
Type: online conference

Well known fact is that SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs, and SaaStr Annual is their flagship event. This year SaaStr Annual is going fully digital for an immersive two-day experience. Tickets are free, but you need to register for each session separately.


When: 2020 September 02–04
Access: ~99 EUR + VAT
Type: online conference

ProductCamp is a 3-day event for Product Managers, Owners, Product Designers, Researchers, Growth Hackers and all professionals who discover, conceive, manage and make digital products better. It starts with an online unconference on 2nd September, followed up by 2 days of inspirational talks and practical case studies run by world-class product leaders from BMW, Atlassian, AJ& Smart and other amazing companies pushing further the user experience & business value of digital products.

🇺🇦 Developing the startup and scaleup ecosystem in Ukraine

When: 2020 September 02, 12:00 GMT
Access: free
Type: online session

Now something completely different and somewhat exotic: an online event to explore Ukraine’s startup ecosystem. Discover the latest trends & insights in the Ukraine’s startup world. Event is organized in collaboration with Ukrainian Startup Fund and Blue Lake Accelerator.

🎉 FT Weekend Festival

When: 2020 September 03–05
Access: £35 — £45
Type: online festival

FT Weekend Festival is on my list of “to visit” events in-person. While that is not happening this year, we can join in online! With over 90 stellar speakers participating (including Dr Anthony Fauci, Evan Spiegel and Claudia Rankine) in 60+ sessions running consecutively over three days, this digital ideas festival has the time and the expertise to really explore big ideas and global challenges. Covering everything from COVID to Trump, from China to couture, from literature to Wordsworth’s Daffodils, FT invites you to join the debate and make this the most global, interactive and far-reaching Weekend Festival yet. Pst, there is a wine tasting session by Jancis Robinson. Pre-order your wine today! ;)

🧛 Techsylvania Digital Roundtable: Working Remote

When: 2020 September 03, 18:00 UTC+3
Access: free
Type: online session

Techsylvania is going beyond borders, this time tackling one of the most in-trend topics: working remote. Two remarkable professionals: Peter Yared, Founder & CEO of InCountry and Rob Bailey, Founder & CEO of BackboneAI, accompanied by their colleagues, and moderated by our Techsylvania representative — Philipp Kandal, will discuss the in-depths of building remote and international remote teams, getting through the unique challenges, as well as the understanding the company culture.


When: 2020 September 04
Access: free
Type: online conference

All the tech startup people, in one place. Virtually. UPPSTART is a virtual tech startup conference that is made for entrepreneurs, startups, students, industry professionals and those supporting or interested in the tech startup ecosystem. This year UPPSTART will run a large scale online event for thousands of people, across 20+ content tracks. Attendee tickets are completely free, but limited so grab one here before they run out.

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