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Navigator for events during 07–13 September 2020

Aiste Lehmann
Sep 4 · 7 min read
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Recently I was talking with a friend about virtual events, recorded versus live presentations, attendee engagement and some more. We agreed that everything we have seen so far is a shadow of in-person events, and it is difficult to make any comparisons here. But one thing stood out: he mentioned that he loooves 💕 the random speed networking features that some conferences, or rather, the virtual event tools offer.

My first reaction was “ooof” mixed in with a surprise. For me personally the random networking has some kind of mental barrier that requires a significant effort to overcome. Have to prepare for it, dress up to make an impression, drink a gallon of calming tea and possibly even put a makeup on. I mean… Who is putting makeup on work-from-home days, right?

On another hand, anyone who ever scrolled through hundreds of attendee profiles listed on conference website or app also know that it is not an enjoyable experience. It reminds of awkward LinkedIn networking, just people provide much less information about themselves or attempt to spam the same message to everyone, hoping the best outcome for “spray and pray” type of behaviour.

Much slower but more interesting option for networking are small discussion tables, usually arranged by the event organizer or centered around specific topics where people are given an option to ask questions or simply discuss together with other attendees. This experience is closest to seeing a friend in a real conference in a small group and being introduced casually “Oh by the way, do you know each other? No? Then you should definitely meet!

Alas, I miss old days. But so we all do.

In the mean time, let’s make the best of the new days and try out all different modes of networking that event organizers come up with. Don’t stand in the corner, Baby 💃


When: 2020 September 07–11
Access: free
Type: online conference

B2B Rocks is one of the best online conferences in Europe for B2B and SaaS startups. Guaranteed “100% no-bullshit”, the exclusive speakers and 30-minute slots from European founders allow intense keynotes full of hands-on advice. The #REBOUND edition is focused on giving to founders the best pieces of advice to make the most of the economic recovery. Learn from world-class experts, pickup on latest insights and techniques, and connect with doers shaping the B2B ecosystem.

Digital Takeover

When: 2020 September 07–11
Access: free
Type: online conference

Digital Takeover is one of the largest innovation and digital transformation conferences in Western Balkan region, organized by the team from Zagreb, Croatia. Boosting a stellar speaker lineup, Digital Takeover will be sharing knowledge through inspiring livestream lectures and panel discussions. The 24-hour program will cover all aspects of business innovation and transformation. These include telecommunications, finance, entrepreneurship, automotive industry, media, marketing etc. Join in for free!

🕶️ Global HR Summit in Virtual Reality

When: 2020 September 08–10
Access: $49-$297
Type: virtual conference

If you are getting tired of the online events, there is something new to try — a virtual 3D conference to talk everything about future of work. Join the conference and get a 360-degree perspective from business and technology experts about the opportunities, challenges and solutions organizations face.

🌤️ Founders Forum Climate Summit

When: 2020 September 08
Access: free
Type: online conference

It’s a gentle reminder that London Tech Week is running full steam until 11th September. Don’t forget to check the packed agenda and find something for yourself there. One of the events to highlight next week is Founders Forum Climate Summit — a virtual place for all environment friends to gather and discuss critical issues, devise actionable solutions, and highlight the latest technologies supporting the climate crisis.

🛫 Unlocking Global Tech

When: 2020 September 08, 08:00 BST
Access: free
Type: online exploration

Join Technation as they navigate across the globe, hearing from leading tech figures in Australia, Singapore, Europe, the UK and US to discover how to expand and scale in different regions post Covid-19, and the countries that are open for business. Event is part of London Tech Week, it starts at 8:00 AM with exploration of Australia’s startup ecosystem and then travels virtually around the world, visiting Singapore, Europe, UK and USA. So, grab your virtual passports, fasten your seatbelts, make sure your seat back and laptops are in their full upright position, and join!

👩‍🦲 Women in AI Summit

When: 2020 September 08
Access: free
Type: online conference

Another virtual tour around the globe in 24 hours is offered by Women in AI Summit with the mission to bring all minds together, join us in taking a step forward and making AI diverse and inclusive for all. Event will kick off in Australia and Asia then move on to Africa, Europe and the Americas. 50 keynotes, panels, and workshops by leading global AI experts that cover topics in Health, FinTech, Ethics, Business, Education, Culture, and more. There will also be showcasing of several conversational AIs!

💱 Another Now — Yanis Varoufakis Imagines a Post Capitalist World

When: 2020 September 08, 11:00 CET
Access: £10.00 — £16.99 + fees
Type: online session

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has a thing or two to say about capitalism as we imagine an alternative to the pandemic ridden present: a world in which, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, a global uprising birthday a world in which democracy, equality and justice are truly served… Did you ever wonder what would a fair and equal society look like? How can we encourage the best of humanity without unleashing the worst? How can we balance freedom with fairness? How can we generate wealth while protecting the planet? Join this discussion with Yanis Varoufakis for a radical and subversive answer.

🇪🇺 Startup Olé

When: 2020 September 09–11
Access: €120-€180 + VAT
Type: hybrid conference
Venue: Salamanca, Spain

Startup Olé is one of the biggest tech events in Europe. It is supported by the European Parliament, Startup Europe, Ibero-american General Secretariat (SEGIB), the University of Salamanca, INCYDE & Salamanca City Council with the main mission to be a driver of the democratization of the international tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem. At Startup Olé, thousands of attendees, startups, accelerators, corporates, investors, universities and public institutions will meet to network the Spanish way.

🛍️ ProductCon Online: The Product Management Conference

When: 2020 September 10
Access: free
Type: online conference

ProductCon is online this year, and their speaker lineup features product leaders from Google, Slack, Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, and more. Join this event online for free from the comfort of your own home to learn from the greatest minds in product.

You’ll grasp the best practices behind the most successful products, and new trends in product management. Get ready to level up your product management skills, network with a global community of fellow product leaders, and have a ball!

🗺️ Rise AI: How to create an AI Roadmap for your Business

When: 2020 September 10, 11:00 CET
Access: free
Type: online session

Join Prof. Dr. Christian Guttmann & Fabian Westerheide to talk about how to create a feasible, sustainable AI roadmap for your business. They will discuss which AI projects to start with and share lessons learned in failing and succeeding in implementing AI. Dr. Christian Guttmann is a startup founder, professor and Chief AI Officer at TietoEVRY.

🔥 How to Web Live Episode #1: Using Technology To Save Lives

When: 2020 September 10, 17:00 EEST
Access: free
Type: online session

Welcome to How to Web Live Episode #1 — The show you need to watch to find out the latest news and trends from the tech industry! In the very first episode explore the story of Emi Gal together with Ondrej Bartos: from building his first startup back in college to finding a new way to screen for cancer using MRI & AI. And if you like it, do not forget to subscribe — How To Web will be hosting new live episodes every other Thursday, featuring two inspiring people who are shaping the global tech industry.

📡 Data Natives Unlimited

When: 2020 September 10 — November 20
Access: €0-€200
Type: hybrid series of sessions

The Europe’s biggest data science conference becomes a three month long online love affair! There is a conference, a hackathon, an open forum and numerous online and in-person meetings planned. This year Data Natives Unlimited becomes a series of hybrid (online and offline) events that aims to bring data and tech professionals, established companies, public institutions and governments together to share knowledge, co-create solutions, establish relationships and celebrate the achievements of data scientists, founders, entrepreneurs and activists.

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